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How to Choose your Sweatie Car

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It’s believed that a pet could reflect the owner’s personality, similarly, does a car. Many people share a lot with their cars; the color, brand and shape of the car says a lot about its driver’s personality.

The relationship between a car and its owner is something like love at the first sight; first looks make the magnetic attraction between both. Afterwards, the first steps to a relationship start through exploring other details; size, type, accessories, color and brand until being  head over heals with your baby car. Then comes the inevitable step; proposing or actually buying the car of your dreams.

By this stage, you will need to make sure that you made the perfect choice of the car of your dreams. No matter how much you love this car, you have to consider some important specs and take your time to evaluate each aspect of driving comfort before buying. As precaution is better than cure, remember that the deal can wait but the best car alone can make its way to your home.

Sit in the front and back seats to check out every detail. Check out visibility, seat comfort, driving comfort, headroom, legroom. Make sure that all puts you at comfort.

If your choice went to some huge cars, which come with small interiors, the wheelbase will be the criteria for you to decide the security of such size. However, you should check the cabin as well, as it could be claustrophobic. In other words, it may be too small or seems tight for the driver’s comfort.

And I have this tip for you if you’re considering a family car, take the family to the shop and check its space. It is preferable to test as many details as possible. If the car does not satisfy your comfort, do not go for it. Even, if it means breaking up with the car of your dreams.


Since that you’ll be spending most of your time in your car, you should check out if there is enough headroom, back support and leg space to stretch. Driving with an uncomfortable posture will render the driver exhausted, which leads to less concentration on road.

Visibility is one of the significant signs of a successful relationship with your sweetie car. Make sure that the car has high positioned seats or height-adjustments options. Clear visibility of the road ahead is very important to avoid collision. So, Sit in the car and find out if the right and left corners of the vehicle are clearly visible. If you feel that you’ve unclear visibility, then do not go for the car. If you are short, do not you ever apply the common practice spread amongst short drivers which is placing pillows on seats to gain higher seating position. This is very dangerous, Pillows may not give the best thigh support required to depress pedal when encountering emergencies. Besides, seats with pillows do not offer the most ergonomic seating position and could cause physical ailments.

After finding your perfect baby car, here comes the role of the colour. Choice of the car’s colour reflects a lot of the driver’s personality, preferring certain colors reflects certain personality features.

*Black cars– drivers tend to be more aggressive and almost even dangerous. Some studies show that more black cars are involved in accidents.

*Silver cars– calm and cool people often prefer the silver color for their cars. The drivers are also known as dangerous drivers but are less involved in accidents than owners of black cars.

*Green cars– these cars are popular nowadays and there are many variations of the green color. Green is often chosen by drivers with hysterical tendencies. Green also reflects the beauty of the nature and drivers tend to be more concerned about the environmental problems.

*White cars– white symbolizes innocence and purity. Buyers of these cars tend to be safer drivers and are less involved in accidents.romance but also vitality and high energy. Buyers tend to be more fast drivers and take more risks.

*Red cars– red is the color of

*Blue cars– blue is a calm and serene color. Drivers with a blue car tend to be more loyal persons and they drive quietly and are more cautious.

*Yellow cars– yellow represents idealistic drivers. Yellow is also the color of the sun; drivers of a yellow car tend to be more joyful and young at heart.


And now which colour did you choose?



After you made it, being with your bridal dreamy car, is there something missing?? Sure there is the nickname, one of the most signs of intimacy between you and your car is nicknaming it.  Picking a nickname for your car is similar to naming your first baby. So, don’t ever forget to nickname your baby and pamper it, as all will return to you. 


Celebrities or Celebrity Cars!!


Whether being a part of your family or your sweetie, your baby car will reflect your personality or at least represent your own style and character. That’s why celebrities are always eager to choose the most fabulous and stylish cars that match their stardom. They always choose a kind of a car that grasps attention, to be the red-carpet superstar among other cars. A car for celebrity means being the luckiest car enjoying special colours or options matching the uniqueness of this world of fame. 


Paris Hilton & her pinky Bentley Continental GT worth $179, 000, what a sexy car!!


David Beckham, has a masterpiece Rolls Royce drop-car which costs only $407,000


Jennifer Lopez & Marc Anthony drive an Aston Martin DB7 & Lotus Elise

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie drive a BMW Hydrogen 7.

Kevin Costner drives an Audi Q7 and Audi S8


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