Monday, December 18

How To Deal With your “Bitchy” Boss??

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Winter is mainly known as time to work, unlike summer that is the time to chill. I recently got a job with a typical “mean” boss, whenever someone heard that I was working with her, they asked one of the following questions: Ohhh, how is it? Isn’t that hard? Why would you do this to yourself?


I knew where their questions came from, but had enough courage to give it a shot, took some right decisions, did some wrong deeds and from my experience I shall share. People would normally tell you to be patient. This is not the answer I’m heading for as I am the most impatient person and just hate it when people tell me to just be patient.


Situation One: In case you think that your boss is mean to you personally, you can attack the problem and solve it. You can just go and ask them if they have a personal problem with you and just work on it.


Situation Two: But in other situations it is not about you personally, but it is just that they are “mean”, nothing more nothing less.  And in this situation you might find some, or even all, of the following helpful:



Love your job. Not necessarily the place you are in, or the people around, but what YOU DO. Love it, as it’s your only resort to run from that boss.



Try to finish as much tasks as you can, preferably all, on time. Not before and definitely not after. You think that finishing them before time is a privilege, Wrong!

For a “mean” boss finishing tasks before time does not mean “you are good nor you deserve extra credit”, it means “I gave you little things to do, so remind me to give you more next time”.



Never tell them it was a simple problem and really easy to fix. In case there is something that they could not deal with and asked you to fix or find a solution for, even if it was easy or a simple “press a button” solution, just say it was complicated and either you got it by luck or someone warned you about it before. A “mean” boss does not like you being smarter than them.



Never let them catch you doing nothing, even if you finished all your tasks, or if you need rest; they do not have to know about it.

For a “mean” boss this only means you are lazy, work is not your priority, or you do not have anything to do and then you need more tasks.



Do not tell them no for a task, even if it is not, exactly, in your job description. Just let them know later, by saying that you loved doing that extra thing, but hope that next time, you will be as lucky as this one and that it won’t keep you from finishing your usual tasks.

A “mean” boss will never risk your usual tasks and probably not for something you loved doing.



Never let them feel that you have something important after work or that you need to get out of work early that day. Just sit down finish your tasks asap, give yourself an extra half an hour after you tell them that you are going (as they will give you extra tasks out of the air, when you tell them that you need to leave, and you have to do them with a welcoming smile) and then get yourself out of there quietly.

A “mean” boss shall never think that you have any other priority than work and them.



Do not give them the privilege to interfere into your personal relationships, even with your colleagues. You should have boarders keeping them from interfering or else you may never have good relationships in your work and it is going to be simply a boring nightmare.

A “mean” boss may not like it when their employees are friends, hangout together or talk much; and may try their best to keep them away from each others.



When they ask whether you had your break or not, just say you did not really need it and that you are OK as long as you are finishing your tasks. A “mean” boss loves to hear that your job is the food of your soul.



Never be late. Even if they are, you should be at your office on time. Even if they seem not to care or never told you about those ten minutes or half an hour you arrived late that day, whether you sign in, someone tells them who came late and who did not or you have to tell them good morning, trust me they do care and they do keep track and you always have to be on time.

A “mean” boss always wants their employees on time, did not really figure out why, but they always do.



Last but definitely not least, Never yell back.  No matter how wrong they are, no matter how much your dignity hurts. If you love your job, never yell back at the moment, especially if you have a guest with you. Take yourself out of the room or do any calming exercise, but do not yell back. Wait for half an hour, or till the guests go down and you have one of two options, either to go to your boss and talk politely about what had happened or to wait till the next time they call you and deal with them in the most formal way, wearing your straight face and then they will either apologize -and that’s a victory- or you would have expressed your anger anyways, so revenge is done and it’s a tie.

A “mean” boss will never admit they are wrong on the spot, you have to let them cool down and then let them know how hurt you are.


At the end of the day, the best way to deal with a “mean” boss is just to sit on your desk, calm down and remember that it is a matter of time, till they are out of the job and you are in their position. How long that time is, only depends on the survivor’s instinct in each of you. J


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