Monday, December 18

How To.. LIVE IT UP!

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There’s no step-by-step guide to get the best out of life, but there might be some helpful recommendations to take into account!

No doubt, life is so tough. Every one is facing a daily battle that no one else knows about. As we get older, our problems get bigger & bigger. Sometimes it seems like endless cycle of trouble. Other times, it feels like it is normal to face difficulties, as if Life is teaching us to become magnificently stronger!


Happiness is not a station you arrive at, but it’s a manner of traveling! This Eid, choose to be happy and LIVE IT UP! Wondering how? Well, check our favorite steps to the road of happiness:


– Beauty lies inside you

There are no criteria for beauty. Spirit speaks louder. It controls your overall look and your attitude. A cheerful and optimistic spirit can make the most beautiful person out of you.


– Get out of the box

Don’t be shy to criticize yourself. Be harsh to yourself sometimes. Being frank and honest with yourself helps to improve you and get you over repeated mistakes. It’s fine to apologize when you are wrong. And it’s OK to be proud, if you think you did a great job.


– Live every moment to the fullest

A moment that passes you by would never come back again. Try to reflect deeply on that! We don’t value the days in our lives. We don’t realize we won’t get another chance to live them, to fix previous mistakes, to meet with those precious people again. Live everyday as if it’s your last, and don’t spare a moment for later.


– Love yourself

Loving yourself doesn’t mean getting greedy or arrogant. It means that you value your own self, and be confident enough to know that you deserve the best. Don’t underestimate yourself for anyone under the name of “Love”. True love gets you to appreciate yourself more and more.


b2ap3_large_succesvolle-ondernemers-succes-zakenmensen-blij– Move forward no matter what

Yes moving on is so hard, but looking backward would make you fall again. There could be more open doors, more chances to come, more trustworthy people to get to know. Look forward to that. Who knows what will come your way?!


– Get your inside out

Don’t be afraid to get your talent out, to take risks, to spread your ideas to the whole world, and to develop more and more. Express yourself and don’t give up on your dream!


– Happiness is a decision

Don’t let your happiness depend on other people. Decide that you are the only one responsible for your own happiness. Fake a smile and a loud laughter till you believe that you are happy. Give yourself one reason in life to be happy for (Of course you would find more than one!) At least be thankful for being alive.


– Be ready for change

Change will happen whether you want it or not! So accept it. Not only that, enjoy it too!


– Always have alternatives

Teach yourself that there is always more than one way to deal with life difficulties. There’s not one perfect technique to handle troubles. Always have plan B & C; so that if one didn’t work out, you know you still have hope. That’s how you have a win- win situation with Life.


“Nothing lasts forever, so live it up, drink it down, laugh it off, avoid the drama, take chances and never have regrets because at one point everything you did was exactly what you wanted!” Marilyn Monroe.

*If you have more recommendations you would like to share, then don’t hesitate to hit to comment button below! And always Stay Magnificent!


By Sarah Osman

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