Saturday, November 18

How To.. Rock The Floral Trend!

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img_20160920_215751Floral is the perfect complement to any woman. Floral prints with bright colors, beautiful designs and gorgeous patterns are sure to cheer you up and make you look stunning. So pick your dazzling print and pair it with cardigan, shoes, belt, hat or purse; and be ready to go rock the place!

But first take those basic guidelines into account:

  • With so many types of floral prints to choose from, it’s important to choose a pattern that works with your personal taste and style. Floral designs can range from dainty and delicate to big and bold, each kind carrying its own personality and character.
  • If you prefer styles that are simple and sophisticated, try looking for a print that features small and miniature flowers.
  • If you are not fan of lively colors and your wardrobe is mostly filled with dark and classic items, try to wear black and white floral prints and add a pop of colors by using some accessories.
  • For a formal look, a floral blouse will perfectly match your business suit while remaining lively and vivacious.
  • img_20160920_223715Floral trend is usually thought of as something for spring and summer, but it’s easy to bring the floral to fall and winter given that you choose the right accessories. And you can always top your summer floral dress with a bright sweater, tights and boots; et voila you’re ready to rock the floral streak in the cold seasons.
  • It is practically impossible for a floral print not to look good with a solid neutral shade. Neutral colors include black, white, gray, taupe, ivory and beige. Those are a good “safety” styling method when you aren’t quite sure what to wear.
  • The trick of combining two or more floral prints is to keep the size and style of the print the same. Small and dainty floral prints go well with small and dainty floral prints, and big and bold patterns goes well with big and bold patterns.
  • Accessorize with floral prints. Find a hand bag with bold floral pattern or a large necklace with floral details. Heels, sandals or ballet flats can complete the rest of your
  • Regarding fancy floral pants, it depends on the color contrast and It’s the best call to go for fancy floral pants only with nude tops.
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