Monday, December 18

How to.. Stay Positive For A Whole Day

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Think positive, Act Positive”, that’s how positive, extraordinary thinkers believe all the time. That’s what makes them successful and proactive, and the entrepreneurs who are inspiring the whole world with their inventions.


But can you stay POSITIVE for a whole 24 hours, that’s the question?!!


Sometimes words are easy, but if you truly believe in them, they could give you the power to move forward. To be better you, and to explore your deep soul and believe in your talents.




Well.. trying to be optimistic and to be part of the positive world, Here are my thoughts and recommendations for a “Positivity Recipe”


  • Wake up with a big smile on your face, even if you feel you can’t, just pretend until you believe that you are totally happy.
  • Decide that you will be cheerful and optimistic no matter what.
  • Stay away from bad news and toxic people
  • Believe in yourself, love yourself first and pamper it so much (you deserve it)
  • Drive your car as if you are a winning solider and you will overcome that traffic battle and bear those horrible microbus drivers no matter what (YES IT WORKS! . to be honest, sometimes)
  • Never take anything for granted: Love, work, Family, or Friends. You might lose any of those through the way or get deceived by fake ones. If it happened, be ready to face it and move on. Life is short, go live it.
  • Don’t think a lot of the past, as if no more nice days would ever come again. Sticking to the past makes you lose the present. Always remember that quote: “Yesterday is a history, Tomorrow is a mystery, Today is a gift that’s why they call it the Present”
  • If you are so down and disappointed, never let the negative energy control you. Just fight those feelings. Keep yourself busy with other stuff: exercising, watching a movie, hanging out with your friends (not the toxic ones), getting your inside talents out. Smile & laugh loudly. Even if you need to pretend that you are okay and try to fake it, that’s fine. Sooner positive energy will control all your actions and destroy the negative one.
  • Work Hard, play hard: Sundays, oh Sundays what I can say about them! But trying to stay positive, we will look to the bright side which is from a female point of view “without work, there won’t be money, and without money there won’t be shopping, and without shopping negative energy will pop out.” And from a male point of view; without work, there won’t be money, who will pay the bills, the school fees, manage the house budget, buy nice presents for the lovely wife and children. No offense but that’s a reality, being a real man require lots of responsibilities and effort.
  • Stay calm and control you anger. Of course that’s not easy, but if you did it you are a big hero. The recipe is: switch on the music player and listen to meditation music or “the legendary Omar Khairat. If you are driving; close the windows, switch on the AC and listen to the relaxing music too. Don’t ever try to read peoples’ lips. If they are shouting out, pretend you didn’t notice it.



  • Specially for Ladies.. It goes without saying that being a lady in this male dominated society is not easy.. but fine Ladies “we are up to it!” Never let anyone underestimate your capabilities or your ambitions. Also never let anyone try to make you act like some angel from heaven who should always forgive on anything and everything. And never let anyone take your heart for granted.


  • Finally end your day with a positive thought. Even if you don’t have any, make one up. Get the best out of the day and ignore all your inner worries, fears and frustrations.


If you succeeded to apply this “Positivity Recipe”, then don’t forget to share it with your friends and those you care for. It may help a broken-hearted go through the day.



By Sarah Osman

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