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Sharing The Ecstasy of Globe-Trotting with Adventure Traveler Ahmed Haggagovic

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Adventure travel was his childhood passion, and the passion grew into a mission to spread the notion of one world united without racial tension, one world united without borders, and one world united on the love of Egypt; all around the globe! We probed “Ibn Batuta of the 21st century” nicknamed “Haggagovic” (which means “Haggag the victorious” in Russian) about the joys of his mission as an “extraordinary ambassador” for Egypt raising the Egyptian flag in 132 countries around the world (more than the countries documented by the founder of National Geographic itself). He communicated his worldwide experience to us while he was pursuing his passion as a globe wanderer from Wales, UK.

When did you discover your passion for travel?

My passion for traveling was clear maybe at the age of four years old. They asked me in a TV show for kids (airing from Heliopolis Club) about the thing I wanna do when I grow up, and my instant answer was to visit every country in the world until I reach Japan; which was the farthest country in the world in my mind these days.

How did this thirst for wandering the globe come about?

I got it from my grandfather who was always eager to travel to every country out there. He was a Major General in the military and he used to take holidays from the Minister of Defense just to travel. I got this passion to tour the world from him.

How do you manage to keep yourself motivated?

I manage to keep myself motivated by my cravings, my dreams and my restless mind. I desire to be one of the greatest; and now thank god I am the most unique traveler of all time in Egypt.

What’s your ultimate travelling goal?

I’m on my way to travelling to every country in the world. And not just travelling, as tons of people are traveling but with no message. I am quite different. I am traveling to share every moment, every experience, everything I see with people. I do this on my weekly TV show, and on my pages on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. I am videotaping everything, taking pictures of everything, and I’m faking nothing. I want people to see because seeing is believing.

Your definition of a Life Extraordinaire?!

I feel like I’m living an extraordinary life. Most people are the sons of normal but I am not. Thank God I lead an exceptional life that I’m very proud of.

What is the best advice you have ever received?

The best advice I’ve ever received was from my dad. He advised me not to be arrogant and to never ever be away from God. Life is too short and it is ultimately about the stories people would share about you when you pass away.

What is the thing you would like to change about the world?

I would like to break all kinds of stereotypes. Lots of people are not travelling to certain countries because of some stereotypes; some foolish things they hear or read on the internet that have nothing to do with real life. The world is vastly different from what people hear. They have to see it. That’s why I am trying to let people see the world through my eyes. If you see the real world, you’ll be more peaceful and forgiving to whatever comes across you.

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