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Enjoy Better Skin from Within with Skinade!

  Sleep, stress, exercise and hydration all affect the appearance of our skin and the biggest culprits are the sun, pollution and smoking. All these factors disrupt the natural functioning of the skin through complex processes that, over time, cause the breakdown of key structural components of the skin. Taking a more comprehensive approach to skin by working from the ‘inside out’ will minimize damage, creating
New Jeremy Scott Bag for Longchamp AS SEEN ON TV!

Without the magic of television, would Marilyn Monroe have turned out to be such a big Hollywood star? The captivating power of mass media is more or less the idea Jeremy Scott is getting across, as he brings together the slogan “As Seen on TV” and a portrait of the leading glamor icon of the fifties. Very playful, very eye-catching, very Marilyn. This pop-culture themed bag
Summer-Proof Your Lips With The Famous Last Words Collection!

Matte liquid lipsticks have been the way to go in the past couple of years, but it has gained the reputation of fading ungracefully and drying out the lips. These issues are now things of the past as the Famous Last Words collection by Lipstick Queen, offers a hydrating formula that will last on your lips all day long.   As with all other collections from the
How To.. Rock The Floral Trend!

Floral is the perfect complement to any woman. Floral prints with bright colors, beautiful designs and gorgeous patterns are sure to cheer you up and make you look stunning. So pick your dazzling print and pair it with cardigan, shoes, belt, hat or purse; and be ready to go rock the place! But first take those basic guidelines into account: With so many types of floral
Adidas Rveals Ultraboost in Striking Mystery Blue Colourway!

adidas Running has added an eye-catching mystery blue colourway to its UltraBOOST X collection for FW17, giving female runners a fresh new way to stand out on the streets. The unique design of UltraBOOST X reflects the female foot’s natural running silhouette for an enhanced performance with every step. The shoe’s distinctive Dynamic Arch works alongside a sculpted midfoot and Primeknit upper to adapt effortlessly to
Sunscreen 101 For Wonderful Summer

After setting out to your perfect summer vacation; you pick up your favorite sunglasses, a nice cold drink, a sunscreen lotion or spray and head out to the beaches, enjoy the summer sun, maybe get yourself a nice bronze tan. But there are lots of sunscreens on shelves to choose from and it is a bit confusing to understand which one is suitable for your skin?
Crazy Hair Myths That You Should Stop Believing In!

They say a woman’s hair is her crowning glory. Women go beyond limits to take care of their locks! And in the process; despite living in a very modern world, many are still governed by myths and old wives’ tales when it comes to caring for their mane. Well, if you’re tired of trying to figure out which hair myth works and which doesn’t! We
Dressing Floral for Ramadan With Selma Benomar Caftan Collection!

Perfect in time for Ramadan season, Selma Benomar _the renowned Moroccan caftan label founded in 2012,  has just launched her latest collection with an intense perception of vivid flowers of nature. The range showcases the luxurious caftans based on Selma’s unique perception of flowers and her inspirations that arises from this color palette.   With floral couture an essential part of the fashion theme of the brand,
Italian Fashion Cross Roads with Jordanian Elegance at Ramses Hilton!

Following its elegant tradition of bringing the elitist of Haute Couture designers to the catwalks of Egypt, Ramses Hilton throw its seasonal fashion extravaganza for Spring/ Summer 2017 with an exquisite Fashion night that featured the outstanding designs of the iconic Italian House “Balestra” and the spectacular creations of the Jordanian extraordinaire “Heba Edris”. The glamorous night witnessed the attendance of crème de la crème of
La Mode A Beyrouth’s Fashion Fiesta in Cairo! 

Stacked up with celebrities and high-end fashion designers, the second edition of La Mode A Beyrouth Cairo (LMAB) blew the minds of fashion lovers in Egypt with some serious fashion extravaganza that lasted for whole 5 days! Hana Touma started off this fashion gala with some outstanding styles reflecting the feminine beauty and sensuality. Cavalli and Versace brought their razzle-dazzle to the elegant hall of Fairmont