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The Magic of LETTING GO!

An intriguing question always pop up to head when it comes to compassion and forgiveness in this wonderful month of Ramdan... Does letting go necessarily mean to forgive? Some people spend their lives either trying to bury their heads in the sand or stand in the face of everything and everyone, including themselves. Others believe that “time is the best healer”… while in fact time is
The 24 Rules of Seduction!!

You have managed to choose your next prey; an interesting woman who is good looking, well educated, intellectual, and sophisticated. She seems too confident to fall for your standard seductive techniques. She never really reacts or even acknowledges your attempts. So, you get closer; befriend her, figure out more about her insecurities and the things that make her just a little bit less confident. You
Tried & Tested Ways to Get the Most out of Your Roses!

Who doesn't love to receive a beautiful bunch of roses after hearing that mysterious knock at the door... Roses we know, are a heart-warming gesture with a bittersweet end. After admiring them blissfully for 7 - 10 days, we're left helpless as we go on to witness their inevitable demise. If you're looking for a way to defy the clock and make your stunning blooms

I am no beauty queen and never was, so I never expected to attract an Adonis. While I believe every person has some aspect that is beautiful, society does not judge this way. Although I saw many examples of what would be considered “plain” girls with men whose beauty rated high on society’s scale of Handsome and Fit, these qualities remained low on my list
8 Opportunities Open Only To Lucky Single Gals!!

Being single does not mean being lonely, and incomplete. In fact, being single gives you the time to find and complete yourself. After all, if you don’t know who you are and what you want, how do you expect another person to find that out? To help you see your cup half full and celebrate the joyous occasion of single-hood, we’ve put together this list of opportunities
Children Aren’t Waterproof… Spa & Pool Safety!

As temperatures heat up, your kids are probably digging out their swimsuits and heading for the pool. Afternoons of swimming and splashing can burn up a lot of energy, but pool time fun can also result in accidents. According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), each year nearly 350 children under the age of 5 drown in swimming pools. Another 2,600 are treated in
Hot Mamma..Inside Out!

A few years ago _being a newly-wed, mid-twenties Cairene female_ my concerns regarding motherhood were unappreciated, even more, frowned upon. (I am fairly certain that a lot of other Middle Eastern ladies can relate to that!) Expressing my fears of losing shape and vigor out loud, even to those close to me, was out of question, a big tsk-tsk!   I really dreaded the notion: The notorious
How to Be a Heart-Breaker 101!

Wear your charm inside and out! Every girl has this innate tendency to feel pretty, to draw some attention and turn some heads. Being noticed makes a girl feel special and gives her a self-esteem boost. Sometimes when the girl doesn't feel recognized she might take an extreme route, she would adopt a no-brainer tactic, for more enticement. She'd start changing her hair color, tighten and shorten
Is criticism a pearl after all?!!

                       While the word ‘encouragement’ denotes positive acts like giving courage and hope, inspiring or spurring on, the expression ‘criticism’ has a positive as well as negative aftertaste since it involves judging  the merits as well as the faults of a person or an object involving much analyzing and evaluating. And while everyone needs encouragement, as  many people in this world feel discouraged, pressed in, cornered,
The ABCs of throwing the Best Birthday Party

The earliest birthday celebrations were held because people believed evil spirits were chiefly attracted to people on their birthdays. At first it was only kings who were considered important enough to have a birthday celebration. To guard them from harm, friends and family would come bringing good thoughts and wishes, as well as gifts to ward off the evil spirits. As time went by, children became