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9 Steps to Look 10 Years Younger!

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IMG_20160820_225444There’s plenty to love about being on the other side of 40. But it’s no fun to find that your beauty routine doesn’t quite cut it anymore. What your more-mature skin and features really need is a new approach that doesn’t take a lot of time. In just minutes, the characteristics of a young-looking face; big eyes, high brows, defined cheekbones, and pouty lips, can be yours again.



Believe it — your brows have gotten thinner because all hair thins with age. The brow itself might also sit lower on your face because the loss of collagen and elastin (proteins that help keep skin firm) causes sagging.

The Trick: A well-groomed brow is even more essential as we age. Fill in gaps using feathery strokes with a pencil that’s a shade lighter than your brow hair, and avoid hard, drawn-in lines — or risk that Joan Crawford look! To further lift the eyes, experts recommend defining along the top part of the brow, starting a bit in from the inner edge and concentrating on the peak. Soften any lines with a cotton swab.




Don’t be surprised if your eyes remain puffy long after you’ve woken up. Everything from decreased circulation to loss of elasticity (more side effects of aging) is to blame.

The Trick: Remembering that light-colored shadows attract light and dark-colored shadows absorb light takes the mystery out of eye shadow choice. For example, pinky or beige shadows on the lids direct the attention there, helping to brighten your eyes. Following with a dark shade — brown or gray will do — along the bone of your crease will help “firm” up a saggy lid. This trick is like putting on black when you want to look thinner.


Dark circles get darker with time. Likely culprits: thinning skin, which brings the veins closer to the surface, and the disappearance of the fat pads that sit below the eyes, which cause shadows to reflect off the hollows, darkening the area.

The Trick:  Concealer, applied from the inner corner to mid-pupil, brightens up the eye like nothing else. Start with three dots right near your tear duct and blend with your ring finger (which has less pressure than your other fingers) or a brush. Add more if necessary, but don’t layer concealer over the lines near the outer corners of your eyes.



They become skimpier and wimpier.

The Trick: Time to define! Line your upper lash line with a richly colored liner — not black, which is harsh — but don’t line underneath your eyes, as that will only make you look tired. It is better to keep the line very fine; A thick line will close up the eyes. You have many liner textures to choose from, including a pencil (used here), cream liner, or shadow applied with a brush.

5- SKIN!

Wrinkles set up permanent camp on your face. Your skin is likely drier, too, because of reduced oil production and hormonal fluctuations. Years of sun exposure has damaged your melanocytes, the cells that produce melanin, resulting in uneven pigmentation and dark spots. Finally, a slowdown in cell turnover leaves you with a pileup of dead skin cells and duller, rougher texture.

The Trick: 1- Primer: Because of its rougher texture, mature skin doesn’t hold on to color for long, making primer a makeup essential. The newest formulas not only create a smooth surface that color can adhere to, but their light-reflecting particles instantly wake up a wan complexion. Spread it all over the face and let set.

2- Light FoundationPiling on a heavy layer of foundation or powder will only make lines and wrinkles stand out more. Instead, use a synthetic-bristle brush to concentrate coverage around key areas, such as on your nose, forehead, and chin. This will give you a more natural effect than slathering a thick coating over your entire face.

6- LIPS!

Our lips’ natural fullness becomes a distant memory, and the lip line loses definition due to sun damage and loss of elasticity. Also, some women develop vertical lines etched around the mouth.

The Trick: 1- Lip Liner:  As the lip line becomes less defined and tiny lines start to appear, lip liner — always a star player — really begins to earn its keep. But to avoid ring-around-the-lip, use a lip pencil in a sheer, glossy texture. The result is subtle and modern.

2- Lipstick : Beige and brown lipstick might look more natural, but it’s the brighter shades (think cranberry and cherry) that really complement fading skin tones. Go for the sheerest texture you can find and dab it on with your finger for a pouty look.


7- JAW / NECK!

Gravity’s pull, coupled with the loss of collagen and elastin, contribute to this loss of definition along the contours of the face. Cheeks & Jaw line: Cream Blush 

The Trick: Cheek color is so essential that it calls for two steps. Start with a cream blush in a shade that matches your skin’s natural flush; a creamy texture is ideal for older, drier skin. Blend it with your fingers, keeping the color just on the apples of the cheeks.



1- Powder Blush: Go for a shade that’s brighter than you usually wear for that extra pop of color that mature skin needs. Dusting it over the cream blush — with a brush this time — makes the look last for hours.


2– Darker Foundation 

Makeup artists love contouring since it brings back the definition that makes you look polished and put-together. It’s surprisingly simple, too. Take a darker foundation or powder and rub it along your neck and right underneath your jaw. The goal is to have the color emulate the natural shadow that’s already there.



A bright lipstick with a hint of sparkle and face powder infused with shimmer and a tinge of glow can make you look years younger! Here’s how: The sparkly particles illuminate your prettiest features subtly yet noticeably. Just make sure to keep it to just one feature at a time, or you’ll risk looking like a disco ball! Enjoy the bright life! Age does not mean bland lip colors. A vivid lipstick in a sheer and glossy texture takes years off.




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