Sunday, February 25

You, Yourself and Your Partner!

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Feeling good about one’s self is the first step on the right path when hitting the road with a life partner of your choice.  The most important thing to notice when in a love relationship is the person you become with your loved one, and whether the relationship is turning you into a better person or bringing outside the worst version of you.

It all starts from within!

Seeing yourself beautiful, reliable, well-trusted and honest elevates your self-esteem and strengthens the love feelings you share with your partner. It puts you on the right track when you tend to question what you are loved for or why you are being loved! On the other hand, if you feel bad or see yourself ugly inside out, you tend to doubt the feelings of significant other. In fact, they might be aware of all your flaws and still love you, and it is only you who doubt this love for you do not like yourself the way it is.

Once you are satisfied with who you really are, you will be able to move on to the next step.

Take a good look at your partner. A real deep one!

You are in your second step to a successful love life, but here is the problem: “YOU ARE IN LOVE”, so you cannot see well through your Romeo / Juliet! And at the rare times you are able to do it, you choose to ignore it. Ignoring the whole thing becomes an issue when you are unable to handle the flaws of your partner. In other words, everyone make mistakes and have defects and flaws. However, accepting people the way they are is one thing and being able to absorb their imperfections is completely another story.

For instance; you know that your partner never feels well in overcrowded places, and always lose their temper and become wholly irritated, but then you are an outgoing person who feels best when being among people. The question is “Will you be okay with the idea of not always being able to go out with your loved one or it feels as some sort of sacrifice you might be unable to endure later on?”
Now, you know all about the person you love, and you are positively sure that you can cope along with his/her personal shortcomings, then you can move on to step three.

Realizing the different translations of “Caring”!

What does “caring” exactly mean? In fact, the word “caring” has different translations that belong to one’s feelings, thinking and capabilities. Some see caring as to have sweet words falling on their ears right to their hearts. Others might see caring in actions. Very simple actions! As the way they say “good morning with a smile on their face” or hold your hands tight when you’re sick or in fear. Great actions might be requested as well: offering big surprises or showering them with gifts. But one non-negotiable fact is that you gotta put yourself in the other person’s shoes and to think through so as to do what would really make them believe that you care.

The greatest dilemma is when you keep caring your way not the way they need, and you begin to feel that you are not appreciated for whatever you do. It is when you start wondering why you keep giving so much while your partner gives nothing back but only a fake smile or a cold “thank you”. Life, then, may turn into a dramatic arena of cold feelings and deformed passion.

How being cared for in the wrong way feels like!

It is like a train going so fast without picking the passengers. The more it moves away, the harder it is to follow. When you catch your breath and jump in, you think you’re about to get the rest you have been craving for; but instead, you find the windows of the train higher than your expectations and you cannot watch the beautiful scenery in the outside. You find the chairs, which might be very comfy to others, are causing you a backache during the entire trip. And although the food offered is very rich and luscious indeed, it makes your sick stomach even worse. Finally, after you have been waiting for so long thinking that things might get better, you start believing that you should get off that train. But it only stops after the trip has wasted so much of your time and energy! Unfortunately, sometimes it stops after it is too late!

Your life… Your choice!

Got much pessimistic? Well, DON’T! Being honest and willing to make little sacrifices for your beloved go on the right path to sound caring. And always remember that even the red flower, which is loved by almost each and every human being, might be seen as the most terrible thing by some people who relate its red color to blood!

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