Tuesday, October 17

Magnificent Bronzy look from A to Z!!

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 say_goodbye_to_sun_tan_with_these_home_remediesAre you seeing lots of friends on your holiday and want to look as gorgeous and tanned as a celebrity?

Summer is knocking on, and we’re all preparing for holidays; buying swimsuits, flip-flops, skirts…etc. But, have you put your sun block in mind ? 

All of us dream of having that celebrity tan, but sometimes using the wrong ways, we end up with just a freaky sun-burned look. That’s why we brought you some tips on getting tanned in perfect and healthy way.

Types of Skin and Tanning:


In order to perfectly choose your sun block and have the magical tan look, first you have to know about the relationship between your skin and sunlight:


– If you have freckles or are red headed, then unfortunately you have the most sun sensitive skin; a skin that burns easily and never gets tanned. What you gotta do isbuy the highest SPF sun block to protect your skin from burns.


– If you’re fair skinned or fair haired, with blue or green eyes, then you have blond skin that is sensitive to sun and minimally gets tanned under less SPF sun block.


– If you have an average skin which is known by Mediterranean skin, then you’ll be blessed with light or moderate brown tan without burns; only if using proper tanning cream or lotion.




“Sun Screens” Latest Trends

Sunscreens are the most popular product at the moment. Available in creams, lotions and gels, they contain chemicals that absorb UV Rays then scatter them. This means that the length of the rays are altered enough to prevent serious damage, unlike Sun blocks which only reflect them. With so many bottles fighting for shelf space each summer, how do you know which sunscreen or sun block is the best to choose.


How to Choose a Sunscreen/ Sun Block?

– Always opt for the sunscreen with the highest SPF factor protection. So be sure to take a good look at what is on the store shelves.

– A higher SPF factor does not necessarily ensure that you can stay out in the sun longer. It merely means that you have a little more protection, if you have applied an adequate amount.

– It’s also important to read the product before buying, Make sure that the formulation offers protection against the burning (UVB) rays and the aging (UVA) rays.

– You should also look for the expiration date. And after opening the tube; try to use it up within a year.

– It is a good idea to look for a waterproof sunscreen. This only helps it to stay longer on the skin but once you get to the water, you have to re-apply.



The Do’s and Dont’s of Sun Bathing!

– You should know that a natural tan takes from 3 to 5 days according to the duration of the sun bath and the skin type. So, do not ever rush to get the bronzy look by spending the whole day on the beach or you will get burned instead.


– On the first day, don’t stay more than 30 minutes in the sun. Never expose yourself at lunch-time (1121:30 – 15:30) as the sun will be burning, not tanning.

– The cream must be applied 30 minutes before sun exposure, to be well absorbed by your skin. If you just apply it when you’re on the the beach, don’t be surprised if you get a burn in the first 10 minutes.

– Always try to remember a teaspoon for your face and a tablespoon for each arm or leg. Every inch of your body exposed to sun should be fully covered.

– Even if says ‘water-proof‘ on the packing, re-apply after every dip in the sea. It’s safer, as sun blocks don’t resist the salt of sea and the chloride from pools.

– If you want to intensify the bronze, use sun-oil with low protection factor (2 or even 0). If you mix it with a tea-spoon of olive-oil and another of lemon juice, you will get a gorgeous bronzy look.

– After sun bathing, wash your skin well with warm water to remove any marks of sand, and apply an after-sun cream. The after-sun cream’s role is to soothe the skin; to cool it down and to moisturize it.

– If your skin is very dry, you can apply daily body moisturizer. It promises that your skin won’t peel off. This way you will keep the bronze for a longer period.


Now you can enjoy a sunny summer with a hot bronzy look without getting worried about any skin burns, inflammations or ugly peeling on your body. Wish you a nice and festive summer holiday.


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