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Make Love = No Wrinkles! Tips to Work it Through?!

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Do you wanna stay forever youthful and vigorous? Two words: Make Love! In this file, we will let you know how..and lead you all the way through having exceptional intimate relationship with your lady. It will do more than put a spring in your life! Do you wanna stay forever youthful and vigorous? In this file, we will let you know how..and lead you all the way through having exceptional intimate relationship with your lady. It will do more than put a spring in your life!

True Fact!
In several  surveys done over a ten-year period, graduate students examined photos of thousands of men and women, mostly aged 45 to 55, and had to guess their ages. Those judged to look younger than their real age had sex 50% more often than those who looked their age. Psychologist David Weeks, who compiled the research, speculates that lovemaking boosts hormones that “reduce fatty tissue and increase lean muscle, giving a more youthful appearance.”
***Not that you need extra push to love lovemaking pal!! But this fact might come in handy with the ladies 😉 So read on!


Enhance Your Intimate Life!
Does your wife feel satisfaction? Or there’s something hidden behind the intimacy that seems to be a mechanical process far away from feelings.
First, find a place where you can talk honestly, and uninterrupted for 15 minutes.
Second, agree that through talking to each other, you’ll find a new way of expressing your dreams for your sex life.
And you can use all the below to enliven your intimate life and give it a unique flavor:
Appreciation: Say something positive about her. Be specific: “I think this color makes you sexier“, “You were amazing last night”.
New Information: Tell your woman something that she doesn’t know about you. It can be practical, or emotional: “I was lost when you were away”, or “I feel optimistic when I see satisfaction in your eyes, and I start my day positive”.
Puzzles: Ask the reasons for her unusual action. “Why didn’t you want to make out tonight“? But you should accompany it with sweet talk: “I always like to hug & kiss you again and again, it feels fantastic!”

Yoga Boosts Your Libido!
Mastering yoga poses feels much more rewarding when you know it’s definitely going to pay off in the bedroom later on!”Yoga can strengthen and tone your body for different sexual positions, but it can also boost your libido,” Says yoga teacher Laura Clive. Here are the top three moves:
Position 1: The Bridge
Why? To boost your bliss factor: This position concentrates energy in the base chakra (around the base of the spine in the genital area).
Position 2: Thigh Butterflies
Why? To improve your stamina: This improves hip flexibility, strengthens the inner thighs and stimulates prana (energy) in the pelvic area.
Position 3: The Cobra
Why? For a closer connection: This position allows energy to move up your spine and will make you more open and able to connect with your partner.

And now gentlemen, here are some tips to please your sexy ladies!

1 ) Romance is the way to a woman’s heart : Remember that romance is everlasting , all women need it. Some flowers, couple of romantic songs, pieces of poetry will boost her sensuality with you. You’ll profit from it massive falls of lovemaking nights. It will cost you nothing, but she’ll appreciate you more, and devote her life for you.
2) Women fall into dissimilar categories:  You have to use your intelligence to know her category, and feed her trend. It is like land cultivation, you’ll reap the harvest of seasons. The fruits will be yours.
3)  Women hear things differently:  Yea, It‘s real. Because women are emotional creatures, you should be specific and transparent. Or you’ll say something hazy, and get the contrary results.
4) Confidence matters: Believe me, from the very early history, women adored the courage, confident, and from time to time arrogant male. She likes to feel her man’s superiority, his power; but all accompanied with his passion towards her. Try to use this recipe for your sex life and you’ll see wonders!

Examine what character is your woman!! Ask her the questions, point the answers and count!!

  • You feel sexiest in:

a)      A red soiree dress.
b)      Jeans and a T-shirt.
c)      Lingerie.
d)      Nothing.

  • You think your body is:

a)      Just right
b)      Could stand to lose/gain a few pounds.
c)      May not be perfect, but it’s real.
d)      Is not the key for attraction.

  • When your friends accompany you, they mostly say:

a)      Dance
b)      Talk
c)      Fall over
d)      Argue

  • Your worst habit is:

a)      Swearing.
b)      Eating junk food.
c)      Saying whatever is on my mind.
d)      Dancing at anyplace

  • You have been in love:

a)      Once
b)      Twice
c)      Lots of times
d)      Never

  • You would never date a guy who:

a)      Dated one of my friends in the past
b)      Womanizer
c)      Smoker
d)      Didn’t want kids

  • You think it’s sexy when a guy:

a)      Is a bit of a bad boy
b)      Has an amazing body
c)      Is good with kids
d)      Staring at my curves

If most of her answers tend to be (a) :
She likes sex, and understands that it’s useful for her body, health & mind and that romance will keep you close together. She tends to be lustful somehow with bad boys.

If most of your answers tend to be (b):
She is somehow shallow!! She doesn’t get it that a man’s amazing body may hide a wild nature. She has a thing for junk food.

If most of her answers tend to (c)
She is a practical personality who‘s searching for real relationships. She analyzes your attitude, and judges depending on her past experiences and points of view.

If most of her answers tend to be (d)
She has Gemini attitude towards issues. Sometimes she likes to be naked, and feels her utmost freedom, and sometimes she has fears of relationships that can break her heart.


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