Friday, November 24

Men Vs Women: Summer Issues (Episode 2)

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She Says:

It’s summer girls!!, enjoy traveling, hanging out and nice breezy nights, but watch out from getting trapped under the “we‘re just friends”. As guys won’t stop playing their silly games and devilish acts. Girls, I am quiet sure that most of you’ve heard this too many times, it could be a key to new rosy experience or might be the miserable final curtain on a summer vacation, (oh oh I mean of faked love?!!)


“I‘ve just met him but he is so caring and loving, why?”

Some of you guys believe that this is the perfect way to have summer fun specially when meeting innocent or inexperienced girls, putting on that friendship mask to appear honest and trustworthy without terrifying them with your real intentions.


But what if she is smart, rational and pretty, a tough equation to deal with, and you keep saying “How I am going to get over all that?”, ladies never trust “look its summer all stupid girls are having fun, but you are unique, I appreciate your intelligence and thinking Ma’am?”  This is the only way for Mr. Hypocrite to befriend you by acting as a smart and open minded friend, starting conversations about social life, hot spots, hobbies…etc. then you get head over heels over with this smart educated gentleman but again hear the famous farewell phrase “Nice to have a friend like you, please keep in touch”.


The question now is why all that lying and hiding under the umbrella of beach friendship?

May be you are one of the guys who have been tricked once, experienced a tough failed relationship and all you want to do is to regain your self confidence as a Don Juan through countless relationships in a cool nice holiday atmosphere with a good companion without caring about the heart break you might cause to this girl; Forgetting that you are the real fool who has been dumped before.

 Summer holiday for some guys is an opportunity for dating, due to being freaked from commitment, they hide this phobia behind “we‘re just friends” or may be escaping from real life social or cultural barriers hiding this feeling of inferiority by making acquaintances with higher social or cultured girls acting as modern victimized Romeos, as on the beach there are no differences.

 Another type of  guy is the pampered one, I mean kid of course who mixes relationships together or an example of free liberated guys “what’s up we’re in the 21st century, come on!!” doing whatever like using “friends” as a green card for fun and fake relationships, misunderstanding what a word should imply.


“How am I supposed to know?”

Ladies there are some tips to enjoy a quiet peaceful summer holiday, never trust strangers unless their intentions are clear showed up. Be honest with yourself first if it is just a light summer social acquaintance, friendship or a true love story. Use your intuition and test him before getting involved with any freaks. For you guys, no words to be said except knowing that what goes around comes back around, ladies be sure that a hammock with cold juice and wonderful tanning on the beach is the best that you can have on your sunny holiday!!!    


He Says:


“Especially when meeting innocent or inexperienced girls”, this is quoted from her article. I just want to ask, has anyone around met innocent or inexperienced girls before?! Honestly, I haven’t met aliens before! And nope! Friendship is not a mask, you, girls, just think of any caring guy as a potential lover. Girls have serious issues with guys being caring and sweet. It seems that being gentlemen is our sin! We also do not enjoy our summers like that. We enjoy it watching almost naked girls in bikinis, because it is simply “summer time”!


“Shush, narrow-minded!”

I was chatting with a friend on the MSN, her display picture was extremely rated X for nudity! We have been friends for a long time, and I had never seen her in a bikini. So, I had to ask a stupid question “Is that you?!”, “lol, sure” she said. I was not amazed, because I figured it out from the thumbnail. “but, it is a bikini!”, “I was in Marina, 3ayzny albes galbya ya3ny?!” she said! I must swallow my tongue and shush, otherwise she would think of me as a narrow-minded man who does not respect women right to wear bikinis! Later on, I asked her to send me that bikini picture, but she declined. The next day she was online. I started to hit on the subject by saying stuff like, “WOW! You are hot” and so on. Her reply was, BikinGirl is sending you a file, me_in_marina.jpg. Accept, Save As, Decline!



Principles Never Change!

It seems that ladies’ principles are flexible. Their principles in Cairo are totally different from their ones on beach. They have their own way in enjoying their summer time, and we have ours. Ladies, being in Marina or Kuala Lumpur does not give you the right to change your principle of dressing!


The Savior!

 I cannot deny there are many guys who enjoy their summer as flirting idiots. But, girls do the same. I have another story for that! “We enjoyed our time on beach kissing each other, he was nice and caring. He just came to Alexandria, because I told him that I was there all alone” she said. She kept on telling how nice he was, as a guy I noticed her guy was B.S-er. I gave her some tips to know whether he loves her or not. One of those tips was “get him to propose marriage”, she said “NA3AAAM?! B2a ana atgwez dah?!”

This time I was shocked like never before, this was a new thing to know about women. Many girls enjoy their time with flirting guys, while they are dreaming of Mr. Right who plays the savior role in their beliefs. Mr. Right is the one who will save a girl from the domination of male monsters! They desire some guys physically, and others spiritually. “This is the one I love, but this is the one I’d like to marry”. Girls do not believe in  the “Head & Shoulders” slogan, 2×1! They apply “e7na fee zaman el-ta’7sos” to their relationships perfectly.


Guys, leave the girls all alone, and let’s see how they will behave! I bet, they will be the ones to start flirting. Ladies, if you find this series is too offensive, just remember “It is just for FUN”. Cheers!






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