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Nada Akram Designs: Back To Black

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With over 35,000 fans on her facebook page, she’s now one of the leading, local designers in the market. Nada decided to go the comfy way with her practical, causal and extremely stylish outfits. Definitely, she knows how to satisfy young fashionistas with her Egyptian identity.

Q. Tell us the story behind Nada Designs & how did it pop in your mind?
I’ve always had a thing for fashion, but when I watched The Coco Chanel movie, I knew Fashion designing is totally IT for me. I launched my first collection in July 2011. I made one piece of each design and waited for feedback. I was still a beginner and back then it wasn’t that good.

Q. What was the first piece you ever designed?
The first piece was my school prom dress. My first t-shirt was the Audrey Hepburn t-shirt. It’s the bestselling till this moment.

Q. You dress some of Egypt’s top celebrities, tell us more about that?
I am more than lucky to have my designs worn by famous celebrities like Dorra, Yasmine Rayes, Kindah Aloush, Boshra and Engy Wegdan.

Q. How did you merge between making stylish, yet comfortable casual clothes at the same time?
It started with my passion to make exciting clothes for everyday outings. My motive was vintage funky. Seriously, who doesn’t love practical clothes! It’s very boring to shop the same brand all the time.

Q. From where did you come with the idea of using pictures of style icons – such as So’ad Hosny- on your designs?
I adore our culture. I love everything vintage. And I wish I could have existed in the 50’s.

Q. Did you ever watch a competitor’s design and shouted “THAT’S A STATEMENT PIECE”?
Yes! I love Sara el Emary designs. She’s one of the first Abaya Designers in Egypt. Her designs are sleek and flawless. I also love Yasmine Yeya’s wedding dresses. She is extraordinary.

Q. In your opinion, what is the IT style rule every fashionista should follow?
You can never go wrong with a statement t-shirt.

Q. Don’t you think that you took a risky challenge by creating designs that have an Egyptian identity; especially that we’re living in a world judged by signs and brands?
On the contrary! I love challenges and I am Egyptian and proud. I wish to spread my designs around the world with their identity.

Q. What’s the IT factor behind Nada designs?
Vintage Nostalgia will always be my inspiration.

Q. What’s unique about the fashionista who chooses your designs?
I am not always with labeling, specially the fashionista word. Yet, any girl who loves to be different, and turn heads making people wonder where her outfit is from, is my girl.

Q. Do any of your relatives wear your designs?
Yes my cousin and aunt and I am so happy about that!

Q. What’s the weirdest thing that ever inspired you?

… Streets! I am always inspired by Cairo’s old streets.

Q. In your opinion, which fashion item has the power to transform the look?
I would say confidence first, then shoes. I am addicted to shoes and I wish I can start my own shoe line.

Q. Being a designer, you’re obligated to judge anyone by what they wear, how far did that curse go?
Honestly I am 100 % against that. I even created a quote on my Instagram account with that opinion. I never judge people that way. As long one is confident and comfortable with him/herself, no one has the right to judge him/her.

Q. If you have to change one thing in the way Egyptians dress, what would it be?
The “carina” tops 

Q. What was the most annoying or sarcastic comment you got from a hater?
Honestly I don’t remember any annoying comments. They make me happy as they are a proof that I am on the right track.

Q. What is it about wedding dresses that tingles every designer’s ego to end their shows with? And will we watch a signature Nada Akram wedding dress soon?
I honestly don’t know why it’s a trend. Perhaps it’s because a wedding dress is a representation of a happy ending. And yes maybe one day I will do it. I always love to try new things.

Out and About

-Women will be prettier if… They stopped faking and be just themselves.

-Men should understand that… We no longer dress to impress them.

-My fiancé should wear… Not that I have one  but, definitely, a well-picked pair of shoes.

-My handbag essentials… My phone, wallet, to-do-list notebook and makeup bag.

-My IT inspiration… Will always be Coco Chanel. She started designing hats in a small apartment, and later she became one of the world’s biggest fashion designers.

-If the devil didn’t wear Prada, she would wear… Louboutin’s.

-Words I live by… You are born an original, don’t live as a copy.

By Haya Arafa

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