Sunday, February 25

Bingeing in Public is The New Fad!

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In a world with 2.4 billion smartphone users, mobile viewing is on the rise and “binge-free zones” are a thing of the past. Racing to be the first to finish watching a whole series on Netflix is now the new fad with millions of people taking advantage of the online entertainment features of streaming anytime and anywhere. With private binge behaviors are now on public display, here’s the skinny on Netflix’s bingeing behavior in the Middle East.

A Double Shot of Espresso with Netflix, Please

With bingeing no longer confined to the living room or bedroom, a majority of netflix-ers in the Middle East (38%) choose to watch their favorite shows or movies in a café or a restaurant! Bingeing on a plane comes a close second, with up to 34% of passengers taking along their fix of Netflix. Being on the move while watching Netflix seems to be a thing now with almost 26% preferring to indulge while on a bus, train or in a car. No matter where we are, there is always time for Netflix 😉

Binge-Watching In the Air? Why Not?

Poor selection of movies and TV shows offered by in-flight entertainment is the main reason why more than half of public bingers in the Middle East (55%) binge-watch while travelling. Up to 44% are, meanwhile, prepared for all eventualities and have their favorite shows and movies on Netflix downloaded and at the ready, just in case the in-flight entertainment system isn’t working. Better safe than sorry, you know 🙂

Screen Snoopers Are Real!

Screen snooping is becoming more prevalent that ever before! Even though it may be considered rude, catching someone snooping on your screen during a cliff-hanger of a scene or LOL’ing on a crowded train is the new normal. Almost half bingers (43%) caught someone looking at their screen while binge-watching in public. But hey, can you really blame them when the shows we’re watching are so good?

Being Interrupted by Strangers

As many as 38% of public bingers have had a stranger interrupt their show or movie to start a conversation! That doesn’t mean we have to pull a Kingpin. Episode intruders are likely just jealous we remembered to download our shows before leaving the house 😉

Nothing Wrong With Public Display of Entertainment Emotions

At some point during a public-bingeing session, almost half of Netflix-ers (46%) have laughed out loud if a scene cracked them up, while some (23% to be precise) have ended up shedding a tear in full public view while watching a drama.

It goes without saying that since Bingeing went public, social norms were shelved; but we can’t complain, it’s our new addiction, we just cant’s get enough of it! 😀

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