Monday, December 18

So what about N.U.T.S with the kids?

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Life is full of ups & downs; sometimes it beats us down, consumes a lot of our positive energy and leaves us weak and disappointed. Hard situations change us to be strangers to our true selves. Now the choice is ours; we could either be negative, hopeless, faithless, and choose to never fight again and just GIVE UP! OR we could choose N.U.T.S! Yes, Nuts, which is “Negative Unpleasant Thoughts Stopping.” We daily face millions of things that make us go nuts, but here we’ll address one thing that might make you go nuts 24/7! It’s also rewarding more than you can ever imagine!! Parenthood!

Being a parent is a very tough job as it needs patience, resistance and insistence to be the good role model you wish to see in your children. Some situations might give you contradicting feelings; being weak yet feeling like super hero, acting strict then soft hearted, being so exhausted & stressed out but holding on & never giving up, not to mention that special feeling of pride as you reap what you sow.

So if you are feeling so exhausted as a parent and in desperate need for some vigor to keep moving on, then check out those motivational N.U.T.S:

Gain Super PowersWhat can be a better source of super powers than looking at your child, seeing him/her grow up in front of you, copying your words, your actions, and even your attitude.

Have a Fun Hangout

  • Going out with your children to the cinema, funfairs, or any fun place that both of you can enjoy help you build a friendly mum-child environment. It distracts you both from any stressful situation you might be going through.

    Successful Model

    Helping your child to be an effective model in sports, art, or any hobby that they like is a big achievement; mums and dads. It adds a very nice taste to your life, and you feel that you brought up a little champion!

    Mummy-Child Debates

    The long debates & arguments you have with your children truly shape their personality. So don’t ever ignore your child’s opinion, respect his/her mentality and help them understand the world even more.

    Mummy is My Encyclopedia

    Be your child’s encyclopedia better than letting him/her have their own untrusted sources of information. Be open to anything they have to say. Even if you are somehow shocked, it actually tremendously helps both of you! As a mum, you will be updated with all the new expressions and attitudes, and as a child you will know what’s ethical and what’s not.

    Mutual Gain

    Parenthood is a mutual exertion! You give to your children a lot, but they give you more. You learn from them innocence, how to remain strong and how to keep moving on!

    The Best of Us

    Children give us the finest smile in the world, the loveliest hug that can never be replaced, the feeling of security, and they bring the best of us. Even if we are just pretending in front of them, this would turn us into really good role models.

    Use Your Evil Powers

    Sometimes, it’s fine to use the evil powers of super mums; it’s not heaven all the time you know. Children can become so annoying and stubborn, so don’t feel guilty if you turned into an evil witch from time to time to make discipline and put obvious ethical rules that can’t be broken. Be evil and soft hearted at the same time.

    So whenever you feel down, stressed, demotivated and losing interest in life; just look at your kids. Know that they are your true achievement and the biggest investment of your lifetime! Just fight the blues and make your kids your healing motivation!


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