Monday, December 18

Survey Reveals Parents Sneaking in Screen Time!

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Parents around the world find it super challenging to have a time of their own and to watch their favorite TV Shows! So, they get creative in finding cunning ways to watch their shows…

According to a survey by Netflix in the Middle East; 66% of fathers and mothers lose between 3 and 6 hours of their personal time after having child. In Egypt, parents are turning to options like Netflix to catch on their shows, as 57% of parents consider TV time as a escape from their daily routine, while 55% escape to decompress alone.

Almost 73% of spouses with 9 year old or younger kids in the Middle East said that they sneak in episodes of their loveliest TV shows in between their parental responsibilities. 35% of them watch shows daily, while 20% manage more than one session; 2 to 3 times a day.

Creative Escapes

Fathers, as well as mothers, get really creative to watch their favorite shows as 31% of Egyptian parents prefer “fibbing about an obligation; while others choose to sit idly in their cars, pretend to get dressed or do their makeup/hair in the bathroom, or leave the house to “run errands” in order to catch episodes of their preferred TV shows.

Surprisingly, 17% of parents confessed to staying longer in bathrooms during business hours to catch a missed episode. Meanwhile, females were more likely to act sick, as 17% females Vs 14% males said they tell their children that they were feeling sick in order to steal away more time with their favorite show.

The survey also revealed that  a big number of Egyptian parents are fans of Love, the Good Wife, and Sherlock. Worry not of the revelation mums & dads, it’s always your right to have some “me” time, and what’s better than an enticing TV series to put you in a super-duper, relaxing mood; yeah we get it folks 🙂

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