Sunday, February 25

8 Reasons Why Traveling is The Best Gift You Can Give Yourself!

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Have you ever felt so overwhelmed with everything around you that you needed nothing but an escape? A break from all the work pressures, traffic jams, family needs and social commitments! Family and work obligations are undoubtedly the top of our priority list, however, a break or an escape from all of this, even every once in a while, gotta be a must on our to-do list! And what a better escape from daily life pressures than traveling! I personally believe that everyone has to have travel as their prime escape plan, and here are the reasons why!

You need to spend money on experiences and memories, not just on things!

They say money can’t buy happiness; but it can buy airline tickets, and that’s pretty much the same thing! Do not underestimate the value of experiences and memories in comparison to things. No matter how elegant, attractive or tempting an item is to buy; nothing gives the human soul satisfaction like seeing a new place or mingling with nature in a marvelous spot where you realize that some places are even more beautiful than the photos you see of them online!

Sometimes you need to meet new people and talk to strangers

You always have a big chance of meeting new people while touring, especially if you are traveling solo. Mingling with absolute strangers is an experience that pushes people to self-realization. Socializing with people from different cultures is a situation in which you can be 100% yourself, which by time makes you more aware of who you really are. We all struggle to figure that out in some phases of our life.

Travel is the solution to decision-making struggles!

Which airline carrier is best for the trip? A hotel or a hostel? Bus or train? How many days in each city? Never-ending questions that need quick answers. And with every answer you come to, your decision making skills take a step forward! By time, you become quite the expert on traveling and life decisions as well!

To travel is to heal!

There’s a strong healing power in getting on an airplane and crossing borders. Waking up in a beautiful city that you haven’t been to before can take your mind of anything that has been bothering you. Moreover, it gives you a feeling that your problems aren’t the center of the universe, and are by no means the end of the world, since there’s still so much to see and so many spots to go to. The world is much bigger than we know, and whatever is troubling you is just a grain of sand to this huge universe.

Spending money on traveling makes you richer

You can’t put a price tag on the experiences you gain, the skills you develop, or the situations you get to learn from while you’re exploring a new country/city. Being introduced to other cultures and religions, seeing how other nations work, gaining good habits and losing bad ones; what better fortune would you like to make?!

Need to meditate? Travel!

If you are having troubles with meditation in your stressful surroundings, traveling is an excellent opportunity for relaxation and contemplation. Pick a peaceful, slow-pace destination where you can connect with Mother Nature. Search for meditation activities or simply take yourself to a calm spot by the lake or in the mountains. Close your eyes and listen to the calmness of nature. There’s no better opportunity to meditate than this!

Traveling is a creativity booster!

Daily routines can be real creativity killers. Waking up at the same time, driving the same car, heading to the same destination, sitting on the same desk, and talking to the same people every day create that comfort zone of yours. And as the saying goes; a comfort zone is a beautiful place, but nothing ever grows there! You have to step out of your comfort zone, every once in a while, and put yourself in unfamiliar surroundings. You will return with a fresh mindset and gain lots of ideas from the unfamiliar environment you would experience. Traveling is truly my number-one innovation and creativity booster!

Travel to become a better person!

Yes! Traveling improves your personality. It makes you a better person. The more you travel, the more open-minded and the less judgmental you become; which makes you a more mature human being. Traveling also helps you develop your very own self-satisfaction. The more you visit new places, the more interesting life becomes to you; making you more satisfied with who you are and where you’re going in life.

Always remember, it is important to be present where you are needed. But it is also important to be present where you need to be.

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