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Reiki: A Controversial Healing Method!!

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What’s Reiki? The era of energy medicine “Reiki” is a combination of two Japanese words: REI; a Japanese word meaning “spirit”, and KI; the Japanese version of CHI, or QI; a Chinese word used to describe “the natural energy of the Universe”. 


Reiki simply is a method of alternative healing addressing the ki. It was first introduced by Mikao Usui who established a Reiki organization in Japan soon after discovering Reiki.


This healing method is based on the concept of “letting the Universal Energy flow through you hugely to benefit your body mind and soul”  and it deals with various aches, whether physical or spiritual.


According to the Reiki system, “the strong belief in the power of the Divine energy allows it to stem into you and bring about healing“. That’s to say, if the recipient isn’t aspiring to healing or doesn’t have strong faith in this energy; it will not flow into him.


For Muslims and Christians who believe in only one God, this aforementioned universal or divine power is the Almighty himself. So the practice is not a miracle, but rather a method in which we return to our faith seeking to heal ourselves from any disease or ache.


Speculations have been going on about this Reiki practice, in Egypt and other Arab countries, since the method first came to light. Some are wondering how a person can actually help reduce another person’s depression or stress using particular signs and movements with his own hands laid over the weary body; even from a distance. Some believe that Reiki contradicts the teachings of Islam as it is linked to some of Buddha’s concepts. And others find it interesting and consider trying it just out of curiosity even though not believing in its efficiency.


Most Commonly Asked Questions


• Can I Become a Healer?

You surely can. And it doesn’t require years of study. You just need to learn and understand its concept and know the right places to lay your hand to let the energy freely flow through the exhausted body on whom you’re applying the Reiki method. Practicing Reiki also requires understanding the technique symbols which are necessary in healing specific diseases. You also need to learn guiding-energy-flow technique to enable the energy to reach far distances, open the channels and flow through the body.


• Can I Heal Myself Through Reiki?

 Reiki is a simple discipline to apply. And yes, you can do it to yourself. But again, you need to learn its symbols and how to guide the energy to flow into your body.

• Is Reiki Haram, Does It Contradict Islamic Teachings?

For those who are concerned about religion’s stance on Reiki, it must be clearly understood that the Reiki technique is religiously neutral. .It holds no doctrines, creeds or contraindications. Also it shouldn’t be linked to Buddhism or any other religions as some mistakenly believe.


This is further stressed by Dr. Usui himself: “Our Reiki Ryoho is something absolutely original and cannot be compared with any other (spiritual) path in the world.” (excerpts from his Reiki Ryoho Handbook)


Although Dr. Usui was himself a Buddhist; his spiritual makeup has been influenced by many religions. He had also studied Christianity and learned about many religious traditions and philosophies.


Again I stress, it’s your belief in the Universal power that makes Reiki Haram or not. And since followers of Christianity and Islam believe in one God, seeking Reiki to heal your aches actually demonstrates your strong faith in the Almighty.


In Islam; Allah (SWT) says: “The One Who created me and He guides me. And He gives me to eat and drink. And Who heals me when I am sick. And Who ordains me to die, then gives me life.” – Qur’an (26: 78-81)


• Insight from a Reiki Practitioner

 Nivine El Gamal, originally a poet and writer, started giving Reiki sessions years ago. Asking her about how learning about spiritual healing and running Reiki sessions developed in  her mind, Nivine said:


“I first heard about Reiki through a friend but prior to that I read about the world of energy in general, in a wonderful book entitled “The Celestine Prophecy” and that was a turning point in my life… probably the one which paved the way to practicing healing through energy.”


“Since I was a child, I had this dream of helping people. I always had a strong urge to do something for others and I couldn’t figure out what to do. Then I had this chance to learn about Reiki healing and I guess it just hit me. That’s it! Reiki is an amazing natural deep way of healing people’s sufferings and pains with no side effects.”    


And about the benefits of the practice and how far it is accepted in Egypt Nivine commented:

“It would be difficult to list the Reiki benefits. However some people instinctively accepted it. Others didn’t bother to understand and just enjoyed how good it felt. And some still have doubts. Last point to clarify is that people need to comprehend that faith healing or complementary and alternative healing cannot and will never replace medicine and medical science. We can’t pursue Reiki as the only source of healing, but definitely we can use it as a helping healing factor.



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