Sunday, January 21

You Come FIRST!

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Does this sound like an arrogant title? Well, maybe! But maybe it’s what you gotta do from now on…you focus on YOU!

We often limit our capabilities to “dependence”; depending on someone to make us happy, to make us complete. We limit our happy moments to being with that someone! However, regardless of other people’s opinions, the most important is YOU! Just go ahead, value yourself, and listen to no one. You are precious and your existence makes a difference to the world.

“Commitment is nice but we must also be wise”

There is no step by step guide to making any relationship work, but there might be some general guidelines to help you treasure yourself in the road to a successful one.

Be yourself.

Don’t let your loved one have control over your life. Don’t let them control your actions, the way you talk with others or deal with situations. You should both accept each other the way you are.

Don’t make your partner your only priority.

If you made them the only spot of light in your life, you might end up all alone at any moment. You might even feel lonely when you are still in the relationship!You have to surround yourself with people who give you Build your social life together. You’re partners so no one should be having the lead over the other.


Respect your differences.

Don’t challenge your natural differences. Men have more masculine strength, but also women have their emotional powers. Both of you complete each other’s existence.


Actions speak louder.

Don’t be deceived by the heaps of romantic words and big promises to make you the happiest on earth. If your partner doesn’t show it by actions, it’s a troubled relationship full of empty promises and breakable words.

Don’t ignore the signs.

Sometimes we ignore certain signs that indicate that we took the wrong decision when it came to choosing our partner. We put up with the relationship because we got used to it, and got so attached to the person that we give up on what we feel we deserve deep inside. Listen to that inner voice that says “maybe this partner isn’t the right one for you”. It’s not there for no reason, you know.

You should come first.

Don’t forget your life goals, your talents, and your hobbies. Don’t let the commitment be your only pursuit. Every relationship is full of splendor at the beginning, but along the way you’ll be feeling the glow toning down. And you’ll start feeling uncomfortable with being a different you. Love yourself first to spread love to others. Your loved one should accept you and believe in you. If they are really true lovers, they would be your real motivators to fulfill your dreams and passions.

Don’t take love for granted.

Always renew your relationship. Be best friends rather than lovers. Don’t keep criticizing the way your partner is now; remember the traits that first attracted you to them. Love needs two people who are ready to make sacrifices and reach compromises together. It takes two to tango mi amigo.

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