Tuesday, October 17

Sagittarius: The Lucky

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Nov. 23 – Dec.21  The ninth of the ZODIAC

Element: Fire        Symbol: Archer


The Luckiest Sign


Sagittarians are positive people; they have a bright outlook on life, full of energy and vitality. Adventurous and eager to expand their range, beyond the comfortable and familiar, Traveling and exploring the world is their role in life. Sagittarians are always searching for new experiences in all walks of life motivated by their ambition, optimism and nothing seems to get them down. Being one of the luckiest signs, fortune seems to favour them, whether they plan things or not.


Independent free lovers


Sagittarians are sincere and straightforward in relationships. They are generally conventional and in control of their relations. However, their independent nature sometimes causes them some difficulties in maintaining a close personal relationship.  Even in family life, Sagittarians hate to be tied down. So, Dear Sagittarian, you need to balance this passion for independence with some responsibility and commitment sooner or later.

In friendship, you are reliable, and can be counted on, but you might have a quick temper and a biting tongue, often throwing words without thinking of their effect on others. Don’t worry, as your Sagittarian friends are quick to forgive any offence and are extremely dependable to anyone who needs looking after, so you are lucky anyway.


You are a work asset!!

Sagittarians are versatile people and can be found in a number of professions. Due to their traits, they serve well in law, politics, public service or social administration. Being natural communicators, they do well in public relations or advertising and are by no means teachers and professors by nature. Many Sagittarians will be found in jobs that allow them to exercise their natural desire to see the world.

Keep Smiling…

Overall, Sagittarius is undoubtedly one of the most positive of the star signs. You see life as a challenge, but also as a grand adventure in which you must play your part fearlessly. Nothing can stop you Sagittarian, and even when encountering worst dilemmas, you will see it as part of your learning curve and accept it with a smile.


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