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Interior Décor for Your Well-Being

Have you ever wondered why sometimes you walk into a room and feel angry, upset or anxious for absolutely no reason? Truth is colors affect you. Yes, you read that right. The color of your walls can have a major impact on your overall mood. It is believed that certain colors give off a certain psychological feeling and even trigger certain parts of the brain and release
Ideas for Life… De-Clutter Your House!

Raise your hand if this scenario rings a bell; you walk into your home, drop your keys on the side table somewhere between the bills and mail, step over the shoes overflowing from the shoe cabinet and walk into the living room. And oh my, what a living room! Your son’s toys have become the new carpet, the bookcase shelves are crammed with your collection
Tips to Spice Up House!

Ever thought about remodeling your house to make it more attractive and cozy? Do you wonder why some houses just have that vibe, such inviting coziness, and you wonder how? Today we will give you a lot of ideas so you can transform your house from dull and cold to appealing and warm. You can use all the ideas below for an ultimate effect or you
A Clean Start to 2016 in Five Easy Steps!

Before New Year resolutions are made, a frenzy of tidying and cleaning is expected to hit the globe in the next few days, as people prepare to welcome 2016. But the changing season means that people suffering from asthma, rhinitis or conjunctivitis would have to contend with indoor and outdoor triggers such as dust mites, mould spores, pet dander and micro-organisms living in air-conditioning vents, to
IKEA Launches Online Planner to Create The Ideal Interiors

True to its core brand vision, home furnishing retailer IKEA has launched a new bedroom and bathroom planner to further inspire customers in Egypt with easy, convenient do it yourself planning. This online planning tool helps users to better visualize their idyllic setting using their own bedroom/bathroom space to design using IKEA products. ** John Kersten, Managing Director IKEA Egypt, Qatar, UAE and Oman said, "Inspiring customers
Magnificent Decor 2010

Magnificent Decor
Magnificent Décor 2009

>Magnificent Decor Final 2010