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Reiki: A Controversial Healing Method!!

What's Reiki? The era of energy medicine “Reiki” is a combination of two Japanese words: REI; a Japanese word meaning “spirit”, and KI; the Japanese version of CHI, or QI; a Chinese word used to describe "the natural energy of the Universe".    Reiki simply is a method of alternative healing addressing the ki. It was first introduced by Mikao Usui who established a Reiki organization in Japan
Gold’s Gym Join Forces with Rotary Club to fight Diabetes!

The World Health Organization has described Type 2 Diabetes as a global epidemic. By the year 2030 they estimate that the disease will be one of the biggest killers on the planet. Type 2 Diabetes currently affects almost half a billion people worldwide and is a major cause of blindness, kidney failure, heart attacks, stroke and lower limb amputation.   In Egypt the International Diabetes Federation reported that there were 7.8 million people were affected by Type 2 Diabetes in

Rania Gamal; the fitness guru, model, actress and TV presenter who started modeling at age of 17 and was face of Loreal products and cover of different international magazines, vows to fight diabetes and obesity ( 2 of the top killer diseases out there) through six healthy tips that would direct anyone to a path of healthy lifestyle.     “Every time people ask me for my secret
Start Living Right with Maya Nassar!

  For all of you out there interested in better health, diet & exercise plan, we are pleased to offer you a sneak peek of the interview we made with Maya Nassar; the Lebanese fitness model, personal trainer, nutritionist  and entrepreneur who's currently taking the Arab fitness world by storm! Maya gave us lots hints and facts regarding health, working-out and dieting. ** Hi Maya! Can you tell us
Adidas launches Dragon Collection by Rita Ora – SS15

Echoing her own unstoppable nature, Rita Ora has long been drawn to the energy and power symbolized by the dragon in Asian culture. Conveyed in fire reds and flame yellows, the dragon is the perfect representation of Rita’s defining qualities of strength and power and her respect for good Fortune. ** Timeless basketball styles inspire the silhouettes of this dynamic; powerful pack, while creating a bridge
The rebirth of gym age

      Shaping your body and keeping it healthy has become an essential thing these days. And how else can you achieve that but go hit the gym??!!!!! NOOOOOOO, now all the energy and persistence that you once had is gone!! Hit the gym you say? What about my job? What about the kids?Where am I ganna to find the time and energy to actually drive somewhere