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Women Dictionary of Hints & Signs!

Behind the Mirror of Gestures Guys, have you ever thought that you definitely need super powers to understand your partner’s hints and gestures?! If yes, then rest assured that you are just a typical, normal bloke. It’s kind of an agreement. Girls never give up sending signals and hints and guys never make it to decipher these signals – except of course for a very limited
Macho Cliché Lines De-coded

As a guy, being macho and stuff, most of the time you act without knowing why and speak not minding the words! I guess that’s why they say “men are children”. But in fact, it’s just that you’ve never really got in touch with your feelings. Simple? Yes. Easy? NO! What if there was a manual for it? Men are always good with manuals! I mean…
Love is the Cure!

“One word frees us from all the weight and pain of life; this word is Love.” Sophocles. Five years ago, my aunt passed away! She was my second mum, my role model and my guidance in life. Losing her was such a shock. It wasn’t easy at all to get used to not finding her around anymore. I spent days and nights crying and trying to
Your Guide to Losing the Girl in The First Date!

  Everything about you is perfect, you think. You're a catch, you're a keeper; you say. Yet girls are still not interested in you, and tend to rule you out for some unknown reason!! Why she's just NOT that into you?! Here is the truth about what drives girls away! If you're wondering why every girl is ditching you. Let me do some weighing in and give you
On The Roller-Coaster of LOVE!

Relationships are not all about hangouts, valentines and butterflies.. well or that’s at least the Justin Bieber version. True relationships are not just all about moments of paradise and joy. As a matter of fact good relationships have those negative feelings as much as they have positive ones. Only, the negatives aren’t negative in the way you’ve experienced them before.   They are experienced in a rather different
Is He The Boss Of You?!

It is a lovely summer evening and Petruchio, Katherine, and four of their friends are gathered around a scrumptious dinner. When the wives lea but pitying Petruchio, for being married to the shrewish Katherine. But Petruchio vows to prove them wrong so the men agree that the test would be to send for their wives and the one who came first would win the bet.They
Boundaries In Marriage … Do They Exist?!

“Don’t you understand?! I told you thousand times this is not acceptable.” “Never go out with this friend. I don’t like her.” “I told you I don’t like this shirt. Why are you wearing it again?” “Honey, you have to make a good deal of overtime this month. Don’t forget the Stuff I need to buy” “Nice dress… But you will never find your size.”  Only when you and your
Attract Her to Your Nest!

Since the caveman era till today, men have been inventing tricks and developing strategies to attract women to their nests. However, there has always been a missing ingredient in the formula; types of women. Like countries, each woman has her own color and language. The list of types is endless, nevertheless, these types fall under some major categories shared by many women. Though each woman
How To.. Tell Her You’Ve Cheated?!

Ever since horror stories have been told about men confessing cheating to their women and then mysteriously vanishing from the face of earth, men have been sneering over the same question; should I tell her or should I not? Even if your cheating was on the minor side, may it be a slip of the heart or technology hype, you're still faced with the two
Be my Edward Cullen!

When the world, first, knew the Harry Potter “phenomenon”, no one would have expected then that the world might ever witness a similar global mania. That was before Stephanie Meyer published her vampire romance masterpiece, The Twilight Saga. The keyword behind the world-dominating Twilight mania which girls in every part on earth have is “fairy-tale love”. Most girls, regardless of their ages, share the same