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A Combination Of Relaxed & Stimulated… Sexy Hot Spots!

A combination of relaxed and stimulated! Luxury is something that you don’t enjoy often, but certainly CRAVE. Lavishness makes you feel sexy, that’s why we crave it. We can’t all fly to Hawaii and laze on the beach, eating tropical fruits while our partner massages such tired shoulders. But there are plenty of well-appointed, seductive places closer to home. Even for those who think there’s no
Re-Discovering DORRA: The Next-Door Girl Vs. The Diva

She is a cool, smart, confident, spontaneous, sure type of a girl. She is very neat and likes to look and dress perfectly. The little girl inside her jumps from time to time to insure the approval of her requests. I thought I was up to an adventure of discovering a Diva. Instead, I lost the Diva discovering a simple relaxed girl who is not
Assia Othman: A Savor of Goodness

Assia Othman is a well-known name among female Facebookers. She is getting so much attention from housewives who are looking for creative, delicious recipes. Alongside, she managed to gain a lot of respect and love by them because of her constant interaction and humble responses. Her accumulated experience over the years qualified her to publish 3 cookbooks all written, photographed and styled by her. And
EMS: The Art Of Biking!

Egypt Motorcycle School (EMS) isn’t just a regular school. It’s the perfect place to get to learn all about motorcycling and get to know bunch of awesome biker along the way. The place is fully equipped, and beautifully decorated with motorcycle accessories. As for the team, there’s nothing to worry about, they won’t leave you until you’re a professional dude! The atmosphere and the spirit
Nada Akram Designs: Back To Black

With over 35,000 fans on her facebook page, she’s now one of the leading, local designers in the market. Nada decided to go the comfy way with her practical, causal and extremely stylish outfits. Definitely, she knows how to satisfy young fashionistas with her Egyptian identity. Q. Tell us the story behind Nada Designs & how did it pop in your mind? I’ve always had a thing
Zaam Designs: A Loving Affair to Remember

Ahmed Azzam is an Egyptian designer specialized in handbags and clutches. His innovative designs, original patterns, quality materials and attention to details made him stand alone as THE designer to look after. Q. Tell us the story behind Zaam Designs and the peacock in the logo. The brand’s name was originated from Azzam. I wanted to have a brand name with my identity. Also I was looking
City Life With Chairman of DMG – Mountain View

Their mantra is to build homes and sell happiness! With the beautiful facilities, the unique designs and breath-taking landscapes, what they do could not be described but a work of art. DMG’s CEO Ayman Ismail, gave us his time and introduced us to the dream they brought to reality. What do we need to know about Ayman
Amr Diab leaves fans in awe at Mousa Coast!

Just 90 minutes from Cairo, thousands of people enjoyed the performance of the mega star Amr Diab at Mousa Coast, the closest leisure and entertainment location on Red Sea. The concert started off with the Ukrainian DJ Katrina, followed by collection of fire works by Ahmed Essam that incited the audience anticipation for the adored pop star. The Lebanese bombshell Razan Maghraby presented the entrance of Amr
City Life With CCO of Amer Group

For them entertainment is not a temporary thing; it’s a lifestyle they aim to deliver. With Amer Group, everyday is an adventure that deserves to be experienced. We sat down with Mr. Sherief Khalil, the Chief Commercial Officer for Amer Group in an attempt to discover their hidden talents… What can you tell us about yourself? -My name is Sherief Khalil, I am the Chief Commercial Officer

ALBUM REVIEW: THE ROOM band has been delivering spectacular shows all around the country for some 4 years now, and they've never failed to get their crowds immersed in the deep realms of heavy sounds and goosebumps of electronic rock grooves. Unbelievable electric guitar riffs that are at least described as "not of this planet", with some magical oriental percussions and mind-blowing synthesizers. The result