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ZODIAC: Who’s the Sexiest Among Them All!

Everyone has his own charm and magical look! No matter what zodiac sign you are, you’re sexy on your own way. The secret simply lies in self confidence and trust in your uniqueness. Whether you are the independent Aries, analytical Virgo, ambitious Capricorn, diplomatic Libra, mysterious Cancer or visionary Aquarius; your sign will shadow your personality with a certain trait that will make you glow. However,
How to Be a Heart-Breaker 101!

Wear your charm inside and out! Every girl has this innate tendency to feel pretty, to draw some attention and turn some heads. Being noticed makes a girl feel special and gives her a self-esteem boost. Sometimes when the girl doesn't feel recognized she might take an extreme route, she would adopt a no-brainer tactic, for more enticement. She'd start changing her hair color, tighten and shorten
The 24 Rules of Seduction!!

You have managed to choose your next prey; an interesting woman who is good looking, well educated, intellectual, and sophisticated. She seems too confident to fall for your standard seductive techniques. She never really reacts or even acknowledges your attempts. So, you get closer; befriend her, figure out more about her insecurities and the things that make her just a little bit less confident. You

I am no beauty queen and never was, so I never expected to attract an Adonis. While I believe every person has some aspect that is beautiful, society does not judge this way. Although I saw many examples of what would be considered “plain” girls with men whose beauty rated high on society’s scale of Handsome and Fit, these qualities remained low on my list
The 9 Secrets To What Men Find Irresistible!!

Sugar, Spice and everything Nice! "Attraction is the temporary love" but "Love is the permanent attraction" When a little girl is born everything around blossoms with joy, beauty, innocence and love. They say that girls are made of sugar, spice and everything nice. Girls are the source of happiness; they're full of life which makes everything else endurable. A mother of a little girl has all
Make Love = No Wrinkles! Tips to Work it Through?!

Do you wanna stay forever youthful and vigorous? In this file, we will let you know how..and lead you all the way through having exceptional intimate relationship with your lady. It will do more than put a spring in your life!   True Fact! In several  surveys done over a ten-year period, graduate students examined photos of thousands of men and women, mostly aged 45 to 55, and
A Combination Of Relaxed & Stimulated… Sexy Hot Spots!

A combination of relaxed and stimulated! Luxury is something that you don’t enjoy often, but certainly CRAVE. Lavishness makes you feel sexy, that’s why we crave it. We can’t all fly to Hawaii and laze on the beach, eating tropical fruits while our partner massages such tired shoulders. But there are plenty of well-appointed, seductive places closer to home. Even for those who think there’s no

A spirited lifestyle brand dedicated to the independent and inspired university-age woman; Victoria’s Secret PINK is all set to open its doors in Egypt on 20 February. The new PINK store will be an extension to the already existing Victoria’s Secret store in Citystars, Cairo, located in Phase 1, Level 2.   The store will feature a wide assortment of the brand’s signature bras, panties and apparel.
Tips to Spice Up House!

Ever thought about remodeling your house to make it more attractive and cozy? Do you wonder why some houses just have that vibe, such inviting coziness, and you wonder how? Today we will give you a lot of ideas so you can transform your house from dull and cold to appealing and warm. You can use all the ideas below for an ultimate effect or you
Sex Symbols of All Times!

Beautiful and Big Hearted: What makes a sex symbol? What mystical element do they have that secures their place, immortalizing their spirit and capturing them in the fantasies of generations? Well, no one answer can be given to these questions, but what is clear is that qualifying as a sex symbol has changed over the decades. Naming a few, we shed a little light on to the