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Reiki: A Controversial Healing Method!!

What's Reiki? The era of energy medicine “Reiki” is a combination of two Japanese words: REI; a Japanese word meaning “spirit”, and KI; the Japanese version of CHI, or QI; a Chinese word used to describe "the natural energy of the Universe".    Reiki simply is a method of alternative healing addressing the ki. It was first introduced by Mikao Usui who established a Reiki organization in Japan
First International Kitesurfing Competition in El Gouna

For the first time in Egypt, El Gouna will play host to an international kiteboarding competition that will include World Champions in disciplines of Freestyle, Big Air, Wave and Slalom.   The El Gouna Orascom Kiteboarding Grand Slam will be the first event in the 2016 IKA World Championship Tour. World class riders will take part and compete for the free style 40,000-Euro prize money and the
Helwa ya Baladi Initiative to Support Sports Tourism!

“Helwa Ya Baladi” launched the second round of their initiative supporting Sports Tourism in Egypt. The Initiative is the first to bring together Sports and Tourism as one activity attracting the youth for vibrant and patriotic activities. Coming under the auspice of both Ministry of Tourism and Ministry of Sports, the initiative is to finish off its operation by means of a big event on
EMS: The Art Of Biking!

Egypt Motorcycle School (EMS) isn’t just a regular school. It’s the perfect place to get to learn all about motorcycling and get to know bunch of awesome biker along the way. The place is fully equipped, and beautifully decorated with motorcycle accessories. As for the team, there’s nothing to worry about, they won’t leave you until you’re a professional dude! The atmosphere and the spirit
Sahara Safaris

We were really exhausted. Every step was made with a great effort. Me and some of the guys had to carry the bags of some girls in order to keep moving with a good pace. Seeing the top of the mountain ahead motivated us to go forward. Even though we were all tired, but the less tired ones kept encouraging the more tired ones, which
The rebirth of gym age

      Shaping your body and keeping it healthy has become an essential thing these days. And how else can you achieve that but go hit the gym??!!!!! NOOOOOOO, now all the energy and persistence that you once had is gone!! Hit the gym you say? What about my job? What about the kids?Where am I ganna to find the time and energy to actually drive somewhere