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Style Your Way Through The Waves!!

With summer shining its amazing and everlasting rays upon us, what is better than embracing its hot weather with hot and fashionable clothes!!! Summer is all about the beach, the wet sand and the bright sun light that hits your skin and blesses it with a lovely tan. Of course the common keyword in summer is the swimsuit bringing its unique touches and colors every summer.   The Swimsuits: Those who feel
Summer Office Attire to Beat The Heat!

With soaring temperatures, employees tend to favor dressing more casually and comfortably to stay cool. Wearing improper attire can hurt your image and cast doubt on your credibility and sense of judgment. You want to avoid the embarrassment and distractions that occur when you wear clothing that is too revealing, or send the message that comfort is more important to you than business. If you think a
8 Basic Tips to Undo Summer Damage on Your Locks!

Summer is all about going to the beach and having fun. But the sun, salt & sand show no mercy on your hair and skin. They create clogged pores, dull tone and damaged locks! Hair Care is particularly important in summer because it is the time of swimming in the pool and lying out in the sun; which can be harmful to your hair. So
Sunscreen 101 For Wonderful Summer

After setting out to your perfect summer vacation; you pick up your favorite sunglasses, a nice cold drink, a sunscreen lotion or spray and head out to the beaches, enjoy the summer sun, maybe get yourself a nice bronze tan. But there are lots of sunscreens on shelves to choose from and it is a bit confusing to understand which one is suitable for your skin?
Summer Bites to Keep Cool, Fresh & Light!!

It's summertime!! The hot, dry and sunny weather. The high humidity. And let's not forget the thing that we all love and have been waiting for all year THE BEACH. HAAAA I feel relaxed already, BUT WAIT, it might not be as fun as you wish, if you are not well prepared and informed, and that’s why we're here! The summer like anything else has its good and
SPG Exclusive Pampering at Marassi!

Members of Starwood Preferred Guest, the award-winning loyalty programme from Starwood Hotels, got pampered with exclusive summer luxuriousness at the famous Martin’s Beach at Marassi, North Coast.   Up till the 14th of August, SPG members along with one accompanying guest get to enjoy complimentary access to the exclusive members only “SPG Sahel Beach Lounge”  while getting high on fascinating DJ entertainment, dedicated SPG bar and summer essential giveaways.   Frequented by the rich

Freeze! There’s a new drinking vessel in town. Coca Cola’s Ice Bottle is taking on the summer sun and making sure you can ‘chill’ on the beach. The true definition of summer is – sea, sun and sand. Add a sub-zero coke in there and you’re set.   The limited edition ice bottles are rolling out onto the North Coast; and come the weekend, thirsty beachgoers can keep
Magnificent Bronzy look from A to Z!!

 Are you seeing lots of friends on your holiday and want to look as gorgeous and tanned as a celebrity? Summer is knocking on, and we're all preparing for holidays; buying swimsuits, flip-flops, skirts…etc. But, have you put your sun block in mind ?  All of us dream of having that celebrity tan, but sometimes using the wrong ways, we end up with just a freaky sun-burned look. That’s why we brought you some
Sail Away in New Beach Line Styles from Crocs

Turn the tides this summer in lighter, brighter boat shoes!  With an emphasis on color and innovation, Crocs continues to celebrate its nautical roots with boat-inspired styles for every member in the family. Crocs is known to offer more than 300 styles of shoes for every season, including the popular Beach Line Boat Shoe collection. This year the Beach Line collection feature styles that fit everyone, from slip-ons
Hot Town… Summer in the City

 Bon Arrivee … Yes, it is back, that big season of daytime fun and evenings of amusement. So, shake off that bored look and slip in a carefree summertime mood. What can possibly be more refreshing than an all-free day-long sauna? What can keep you company at night than good old humidity? And the fear de jour: do I smell? Is it already time to