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A Spooky Wedding Theme

By: Rania Salem Have you ever thought about having a dark wedding theme? Probably not. It's well known that white is the color for the bride's gown, the flowers, the decorations, etc…  Yes, that is if you want to have a typical classic wedding, but if you want something creative, unique and definitely Eccentric you can consider a dark wedding idea. I agree, it takes a lot of
Wedding Venues Pros and Cons

Rania Salem With summer finally here, a lot of people will celebrate their big day. It is the happy event where the friends and family members of the bride and groom mingle with each other, dance, eat, laugh and have fun. The biggest thing in finding a place to have a wedding is to have a good time and a memorable evening, so be creative and make
The Bold n’ Beautiful Wedding Colors of the Year

  Many couples select their favorite color to include in the ‘theme’ of their wedding. Many others are afraid to add colors to their weddings thinking that colors are only limited to engagement parties! If you ask me, I would say: Why do you have to go with the flow while having the chance of creating the most unique, colorful and unforgettable wedding ever?!    Besides, every detail of