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ZODIAC: Who’s the Sexiest Among Them All!

Everyone has his own charm and magical look! No matter what zodiac sign you are, you’re sexy on your own way. The secret simply lies in self confidence and trust in your uniqueness. Whether you are the independent Aries, analytical Virgo, ambitious Capricorn, diplomatic Libra, mysterious Cancer or visionary Aquarius; your sign will shadow your personality with a certain trait that will make you glow. However,
The Flame of Fire Glimmers !!

Fire is bright, strong, and takes control. These signs want to be in charge, as they are the most confident of all the signs. When it wants something you will know! Fire people do not stop until they get what they want. People look to fire people as the energy boosters of the zodiac. Like fire itself, they can flare up when inspired; they seem very
Men Vs Women: Summer Issues (Episode 2)

She Says: It's summer girls!!, enjoy traveling, hanging out and nice breezy nights, but watch out from getting trapped under the “we‘re just friends”. As guys won't stop playing their silly games and devilish acts. Girls, I am quiet sure that most of you've heard this too many times, it could be a key to new rosy experience or might be the miserable final curtain on a
Gemini: Welcome Twins!!

 May 22- June 21 The third sign of the ZODIAC Element:  Air.   Symbol: The twins      What signifies the conflicts arising from contradictory mental processes. Geminis establish their relationship between the self and material substance through a balance of opposing thoughts.     The most versatile and changeable sign     If you really want to know about the mystery of the Twins, Geminis have been called so for their dual-natured, elusive, complex
Pisces: The Psychic

Feb. 22 to Mar. 20   The 12th sign of the ZODIAC Element: Water    Symbol: Fish    Innocent Angels Pisceans are not practical people; they are sensitive and instinctual rather than intellectual or mechanical.  They lack decisiveness and are easily diverted from their purposes.  They are apt to live an ambitionless sort of life, searching for some career or meaning in which to pour themselves. Unfortunately Pisceans, you are easily
Aquarius: The Unpredictable

Jan.21 to Feb. 21  The 11th sign of the ZODIAC Element: Air       Symbol: Water bearer   Who gives to all a helping hand but bows his head to no command.   Which Aquarius are you? Aquarians basically possess strong and attractive personalities. They fall into two main types: one shy, sensitive, gentle and patient; the other outgoing, lively and extrovert. However, both types are strong seekers of truth above all
Capricorn: The Serious and Dependent

Dec.19-Jan. 20    The tenth sign of the ZODIAC Element: Earth   Symbol: Mountain goat (Signifies not usually achieving immediate gratification but will triumph on the long run).   Do you think that you’re generous, dependent, ambitious and superior…but your friends think of you as clumsy, stiff, doubtful and bossy…. Never mind about them because you are a real Capricorn!! This makes you hard worker, owning a strong sense of
Sagittarius: The Lucky

Nov. 23 – Dec.21  The ninth of the ZODIAC Element: Fire        Symbol: Archer   The Luckiest Sign   Sagittarians are positive people; they have a bright outlook on life, full of energy and vitality. Adventurous and eager to expand their range, beyond the comfortable and familiar, Traveling and exploring the world is their role in life. Sagittarians are always searching for new experiences in all walks of life
Scorpio: The Mysterious

              Oct. 24 – Nov. 22  The eighth sign of the ZODIAC Element: Water      Symbol: Scorpion   Astrologers always refer to it as a 'fixed water' (ice) sign. This sign acts as a mirror to scorpions that are crawling along the ground, seeking out the hidden spaces, a mystery to humanity, veiled in fear and misunderstanding. Left to their own, they are comfortable in the world, if provoked however,
Libra: The Sweet

 Sep. 24 - Oct. 23 The seventh sign of the ZODIAC Element: Air.    Symbol: Scales     Librans mean diplomacy, charm, idealism and generally peace loving nature. On the other side of the scale, Librans are known to be indecisive, changeable, gullible and easily affected.     The most civilized of all zodiac signs!!   Astrologers believe that Librans are the most civilized of the twelve zodiacal characters for being gifted