Thursday, January 18

The Fitness Therapy!

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This quote is one of the most popular quotes on the internet and why wouldn’t it be?! Coaches and athletes around the world do their best to spread the love of sports, and it’s been proven through time that people who do sports are happy people! Whatever your problems are; working-out can “lift” you out of them. Whether you are walking, running or even lifting weights; it has been discovered that all styles of exercise are therapeutic and immediate mood-boosters. How is that possible? Here is your cheat sheet!

  • Negative Vibe Repellent

    Sports improves your brain function; especially group sports, as trying to hit the highest score so you’d be the winning team elevates your mood and improves your concentration.

  • How:  When you’re in a team, you kick out all that overthinking and go gang bang on them negative thoughts, all for the sake of winning. Idle hands are the hands of the devil, and if you’re too busy kicking balls and dropping weights, and whatnot, you have no time to weep over your life. In other words; hasta la vista anxiety, stress and depression. 
  • A Stress Reliever

    Exercise decreases the level of stress/anxiety and depression.

  • How: When you become active, your mind gets distracted from whatever causing you stress or depression; leaving you focused only on positive thoughts. 
  • A Harmless Tranquilizer

Working-out makes you sleep better; allowing you to wake up the next morning relaxed, clear-minded and ready to hit up a fresh new day.

How: When you go back home after an intense workout, a long football match, some dynamic cycling, or whatever you have been engaged into as form of exercise; your body will be craving rest which in turn leads to a fast, deep sleep. Just make sure you don’t do it late at night, especially if you’re an energy-drinks junkie, because you’ll end up hyperactive all night long. 

  • Turns FAT to FIT aka “Head Turner”

    As time passes, sports will shape you up and elevate your health, speed, stamina & agility; not to mention you losing weight and building up some muscles. Whipping your body into shape will boost your self-confidence and encourage you to stick to healthy habits.

  • How: When people start giving you compliments about how ripped and attractively good looking you have become; you will feel good about yourself. After all, who doesn’t like getting their ego stroked?!
  • A Legal Euphoric Drug

    When you start your day with exercise; your metabolism rate increases, your brain’s power to handle stressful situations gets high, you feel more energetic and your sense of accomplishment elevates.

  • How: The brain considers working out a stressful period; causing the heartbeats to accelerate as a defence mechanism to that “supposed to be stress”.  It then produces two types of chemicals: BDNF (Brain-derived neurotrophic factor) that acts as a restart switch for the brain and works on improving memory. And Endorphins that help to minimize the brain’s discomfort, as they stimulates pleasant feelings and block all kinds of pain. Those chemicals are the main reason why working out makes you feel so good. They are highly addictive (like cigarettes and drugs but in a good way) and their joyful effect linger for the rest of the day.

Let’s Celebrate Health!

Stop wishing and start doing! Go work on yourself, by yourself, for yourself; because excuses are useless and the results are priceless.

How: You don’t have to go to the gym; you can sprint in the street or do some light workout at home. Or maybe just repeatedly go up and down the stairs. Don’t start your day with caffeine to keep you alert, while you can start it with exercise that will automatically boost your mood. Choose any kind of sport that lifts your soul up. Don’t use excuses. Don’t hold yourself back from living an inside-out healthy life. It always seems impossible until it’s done! The best project you’ll work on is YOU; so stop wishing and start doing NOW!!!

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