Thursday, January 18

Step Into The Fairytale Wedding World!

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It’s wedding season! Every bride-to-be is going out consulting with everyone to make sure her once-in-a-lifetime ceremony is as distinguished as the strong bond between her and her significant other. This issue of Magnificent walks you through the major Must Have’s, Must See’s and Must Be’s to make your night flawless, fantastic and unforgettable. So what’s a better way to tie the knot than in a way that values true love, and celebrates it with the utmost extravagance and the perfect blend of style and beauty?

Yeah.. you guessed it right! It’s Cinderella wedding style; the cutting edge trend set by celebrities and members of royalty throughout the years. But you need to take care! There’s a fine line between the grandeur of the fairytale themed weddings and the clichés that make it seems just like any other wedding.

Fortunately, you get what Cinderella had and others didn’t! No. It’s not the famed glass shoes! It’s the dedicated Fairy Godmother who, in my opinion, was up to speed on the latest of fashion and the hottest of trends. Or else Cinderella wouldn’t have grabbed the Prince’s attention and won his infatuation. And, in your fairytale, when the clock strikes midnight and a new day dawns on your wedding ceremony, you won’t lose your magic and turn into a pumpkin; you will keep dazzling throughout your big day!

In your story, Magnificent is the best Godmother in business; all filled in on the glamour of top Celebrity and A-listers that will render your guests speechless in awe of your wedding. We’ll walk you through everything there could be from the cake and the setting, to the coach taking you to tie the knot with your prince charming in the most romantic of ways.

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