Friday, November 24

Style Your Way Through The Waves!!

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With summer shining its amazing and everlasting rays upon us, what is better than embracing its hot weather with hot and fashionable clothes!!! Summer is all about the beach, the wet sand and the bright sun light that hits your skin and blesses it with a lovely tan. Of course the common keyword in summer is the swimsuit bringing its unique touches and colors every summer.


The Swimsuits: Those who feel uncomfortable with parts of their bodies, well, it’s your lucky summer year as the one- piece swimsuit is back again!!!! They are everywhere, unless you are a suntan lover, one piece swim wear is A MUST!!!!


Colors and Prints: This year’s beach chic is refined with bold colors and geometric prints, as we will see a lot of reds, sexy tiger prints, and dots-pushup tankini tops. The most fashionable swimsuits of this summer are the leopard or tiger print. As it is the major rule in fashion, black and white remain classic colors even in swim wear, so you can never go wrong there!


One-Shouldered Swimsuits: This year has not only witnessed the revival of the one-piece swim wear but has also seen the one-shouldered swimsuits which without any hesitation has added an air of elegance and beauty to swim wear, as it represents the revival of the more conservative retro ’40’s and ’50’s style.

Cut-Away Swimsuits: Call it a swim suit or a monokini, cut-away swimsuits are the hottest swim wear of this year. Sexier than a one-piece and less revealing than a bikini, the cut-away swimsuits are a great alternative as they give you more coverage around your stomach but at the same time provide a larger tanning space than the one-piece. EVERY ONE LEAVES HAPPY!!

Beach Accessories: Hats and sunglasses are a must. They add to the glamour and beauty of your stylish swimsuit, especially after accessorizing with necklaces, beads and sexy earrings which match the kind of swimsuit you’re wearing.

The Perfect Dress For The Perfect Summer!

With the change of every season, there’s a change in color, style and fabric. This season reveals its summer collection of maxi dresses which caught the eyes of everyone. Whether these dresses are backless, criss-cross, or even sleeveless, make sure they match the color of the swimsuit you’re wearing and that the color is as summery and exotic as possible. Let it be flowery, colorful and sexy. Make the fabric and color speak for its self!

Man With Summer Tan!

Now of course we didn’t forget you men, lets face it summer is not summer without the elegance and style of a hot looking guy. And to make it easier on you guys I gave myself the liberty of telling you the summer trends of this year.

The King of All Shirts: We can’t say that polo-shirts are a new trend this summer, as they have been the fashionable shirts ever since I can remember. But we still can’t go by without mentioning them; they will always give you the sexy, attractive look you all want with the right colored swimsuit.

The Swim Wear of The Year: We all look forward to this time of year and it has finally arrived, and there is no better way to spend the summer time with the swimsuit that makes the waves of the year!!! This year the trend is board shorts, the kind used when surfing. The color and style is what makes us glad that the summer has begun.

Dare to Wear:  Now you are on the beach and you want nothing more than to be noticed, and who said you have to be a surfer to dress like one!!!

Now for a fresh and summery look always look for a bold floral short featuring bright and noticeable colors. It would be very useful to get your swimsuit with funky pockets as to store your wallet and keys instead of slipping them in your partner’s purse.

The Shorter The Better!

You don’t always have to go with length to look good. These might be more flattering on shorter guys. Whatever the case, they feature high style, especially since their waistband makes them look like everyday shorts. And made from stretch cotton, they also guarantee comfort.

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