Thursday, January 18

Summer Bites to Keep Cool, Fresh & Light!!

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It’s summertime!! The hot, dry and sunny weather. The high humidity. And let’s not forget the thing that we all love and have been waiting for all year THE BEACH. HAAAA I feel relaxed already, BUT WAIT, it might not be as fun as you wish, if you are not well prepared and informed, and that’s why we’re here!

The summer like anything else has its good and bad qualities, yes, the good are more than the bad but still we have to arm ourselves against the bad stuff represented in the very hot and dehydrating weather _that can cause a lot of illness and exhaustion. Believe me when I tell you, you never want to get sick during summer!

So to help you stay cool whether you are at home, at work, or even luckier than the rest of us and are at the beach, we have collected the most refreshing and cooling bites ever made to keep you relaxed and healthy.

Little Warning! Some of these bites might seem very bazaar and illogical at first but don’t worry they taste extra delicious and most importantly they take no effort what so ever to make, which would guarantee your fast reach to the beach without having to worry about hungry and dehydrated kids.

The Egyptionized Bateee5 bel Gebna



Yes you heard it right, and yes your eye sight is fine!!! I did say watermelon with white pure Egyptian cheese. I warned you things might sound a little bit weird, but the heck with that, who cares! As long it tastes good and gives you the energy needed to go CRAZY!

So all u need to do is get a piece of watermelon, cut it and of course remove the seeds, then here comes the tricky part, cut a piece of cheese, put it on the watermelon and voila.

Iced Water With a Twist of Lemon



Now whoever discovered this baby is a very wise person. It is very easy and ladies listen to this: NO CALORIESSSSS!!!!! Did I hear a hurray? Of course I did coz all you need to do to get yourself fresh and cool for the summer is get a glass of freezing cold water and just squeeze some lemon on it and you get your self some refreshing water with an excellent taste.



Frozen Grapes



And there is no hidden meaning behind these two words, I literally mean it. Get your self a bowl full of grapes put them in the freezer for a while, and what do we get?!! Yes FROZEN GRAPES, that will work as water but even sweeter and you can keep them in your mouth for a long time letting them cool you off!


Banana Loverzzzzz


For those who love bananas and are much aware of its benefits here is a very simple yet very tasty way to modernize your banana treat. All you have to do is to get to ripe bananas and peel and chop them, and then place them in a plastic bag and right in the freezer. Unwrap them and place them in the blender. Then comes the final touch, get some walnuts and place the bananas on top of them and Bon Appetit.


Summer Iced Tea


Now last but not least, there is the famous and well known iced tea. But I have managed to find an unconventional iced tea that tastes sweeter and more refreshing. All you have to do is make six cups of strong tea, add two and a half cups of pineapple juice and some frozen lemonade (the more the better), and of course one cup of sugar. Mix together then freeze, and to achieve the best taste and freshest sensation evaaaaa, drink as SLUSH, believe me you wont be sorry!!!!


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