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160211090015390-RANIA2Rania Gamal; the fitness guru, model, actress and TV presenter who started modeling at age of 17 and was face of Loreal products and cover of different international magazines, vows to fight diabetes and obesity ( 2 of the top killer diseases out there) through six healthy tips that would direct anyone to a path of healthy lifestyle.



“Every time people ask me for my secret in keeping in shape and being healthy, I always tell them that I was not born like this, I also gained weight before and it made me feel, not only less confident, but weaker. I felt like it’s hard for me to walk upstairs and I easily got weary walking in the mall but those excess pounds and fats that I had before have given me the inspiration to live healthily and fight obesity that can be the cause of diabetes and many other diseases” Rania said.



Below are Rania’s sweet six tips to avoid diabetes and obesity..


1- Surround Yourself With Good Influencers


For a starter, it would be easier to find the road to fitness, if you surround yourself with people who encourage you to be fit and healthy. If your friends are asking you to eat junk food, then you should be the one to be able to influence them to eat healthy. A piece of chocolate or ice cream is fine as long as it’s taken into moderation, once or twice a month but never as a habit. And it will be more beneficial if all your friends are on the same boat and same goal as you are.


2- Forget About Sugar


One of the most important things about diet is understanding sugar. Sugar is not a natural sweetener; it is crystalized and often bleached white. Technically speaking sugar means sucrose, a combination of 2 monosaccharaides called glucose and fructose. Since the birth of sugar in United Kingdom in 1099, the rate of chronic and avoidable metabolic conditions like obesity, diabetes and heart disease has climbed steadily. If you are craving to sweeten your coffee or tea, it is much better to use honey.


3- Exercise In Any Way Possible


We might give many terrible excuses on why we cannot go to gym but there will never be a valid reason not to exercise. In the morning, you can do even a 30-minute walking before you go to work. In the afternoon, try some stretching during your break time. In the evening; ask your partner or a friend to jog around your village, or tune in to hundreds of work out videos on Youtube that you can do at home and easily imitate.


4- Water Is The Answer


Our body is made up of around 60% water. And even though you have heard this many times, water is a pivotal part of your nutrition. It is the only drink that will help you dissolve chemicals in your body including toxins, besides it known to increase metabolism. Water as well provides brain with oxygen to perform at its finest. My advice is to drink 2 glasses of water after waking up, i.e. before breakfast. It is one of the key secrets of professional nutritionists.


5- Fiber Is Your Friend Forever 


Fiber will help you normalize your bowel movement and will lower your cholesterol levels. Look for food with high fiber on the box. A high-fiber whole grain intake is also connected to lowering rates of stroke, high blood pressure, breast cancer and type 2 diabetes.


6- Do Not Sit Down After A Meal


There are many people who sit down after a meal or worst they eat while they watch a TV series for 3 hours; and they think it is a small issue. It is a habit that affects both your heart and your weight as stomach is compressed between the lower part of the body and the top. This will create extra pressure in the heart; as it is in the center of the chest, and might also affect its circulation. It is better to stand or walk mildly after each meal. This will help relax the gallbladder and the liver, aid in digestion and diminish pressure to the heart. Do not run or walk hastily as it could also be the cause of appendicitis.

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