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The 9 Secrets To What Men Find Irresistible!!

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Sugar, Spice and everything Nice!

“Attraction is the temporary love” but “Love is the permanent attraction”

When a little girl is born everything around blossoms with joy, beauty, innocence and love. They say that girls are made of sugar, spice and everything nice. Girls are the source of happiness; they’re full of life which makes everything else endurable. A mother of a little girl has all the fun in the world, she dresses her up, style her hair; she is her doll, and in return the little girl imitates her mom, knowing quite early the meaning of  femininity and keeps on showing it all along the way. Then the little girl is a young lady who attracts the eyes of  men wherever she goes,  but only one man can win her heart and then she is the most beautiful bride and finally she is a mother; the question is will she be keen enough to stay the same? Will she always remain attractive and desirable? It’s not easy but not impossible just keep reading.

First, you are both attracted to each other in the name of love, the love of everything, he saw you psychologically and emotionally irresistible. But as time goes by with kids around, a job and a busy life taking over; sexy is no longer a priority, right?  He loves me and we do make love, what else we need! A fatal mistake a woman will be doing if she shuts down her sensual side, she will be losing a vital and powerful part of herself.

Marriage is a relationship where attraction and love never die, but of course the human mind swings because of the day-to-day routine, tension and chores. The good news is that the golden key to your own happiness is right in your pocket. It’s all in your hand to fire things up and keep him always in an on button mood. So let’s explore the secrets to What men find irresistible:

Secret #1: Stay Young

Youth is an attitude. Youthfulness is a state of being innocent and childlike; and that what stimulates men on a subconscious level to crave. Women being burdened with lots of obligations always forget to keep in touch with the little girl within.

Men sense when a woman is fresh and has kept herself separate from the negativity of other’s opinions. It may be difficult for you to get this because women in our society are virtually “brainwashed” to believe that if their bodies are not young or pretty, they don’t stand a chance at captivating a man. This is not true though; attraction has mostly to do with one’s internal “energy”. It has nothing to do with age. If you feel young and act like an innocent child who enjoys life to the fullest; play, laugh and giggle out loud whenever you want; your Man will desire this youthfulness in you.. and believe me it will always keep him eagerly longing for you.

Secret #2: Emotional Intelligence

Being in love is something very magical and it gives you a power that enables you to do the impossible, yet it also requires intelligence. So do you know how to be emotionally intelligent?

You should be sharp, responsive, alive, and witty, and keep a man on his toes. A woman who is present, who a man can look into her eyes and see that she is with him right here and now.. not zoning off into space having a million thoughts in mind. Such woman who responds to the moment and who is for all time “with” her guy is always attractive, irresistible and desirable.

Also most women don’t know how to pick the right time for romance. Not every time is a perfect time. Be smart and you can always be a winner.

Secret #3: Needing or Wanting

Many women fall into the trap of confusing love with need. Let me help you define the difference. Loving someone is when you are thinking about this person’s needs and desires; while being attached to him, you mostly think only about “your” needs and desires. Most guys can sense neediness, which usually causes them to run the other direction. But they can also sense a girl who “wants” rather than needs.

What is the real difference between want and need? Well, ‘need’ is obliging the other person and being unable to live without him, while ‘want’ is being secure in yourself but you want that person to complete you.  The problem is most women are only needy; you need him because you’re not secure and you are not confident. A woman who has enough self-confidence to want, to desire, and not be attached gets the love from any man she wants. Don’t be shy and show your man how much you want and desire him, and trust me he will always be there for you.

Secret #4: Sexually Adventurous

“I’m every woman, it’s all in me, Anything you want done, baby, I’ll do it naturally.” This is Whitney Huston’s beautiful song that describes it all. Be spontaneous, innocent sometimes and wild in another. Let your man feel like you are a new woman every day. If you are alive sexually, you will make him wonder what’s going to happen next… and what happens in the bedrooms carries in a relationship. Surprise him with hot messages before he gets home, tell him how much you miss him and can’t wait to be in his arms. Prepare a delicious meal for just the two of you and make a small table with some flowers and candles in the bedroom. Of course this scene needs cozy cloths that make you both feel comfortable. A silk pajama for him and hot lingerie for you will do just fine!

Secret#5: Self-Care & Beauty

What would be more tempting and alluring to a man than a beautiful woman? Well, we need here to define beauty; as we all know that beauty comes from within but outer beauty is something essential in any sensual relationship. Beauty is the outward expression of femininity that no man can resist. Taking care of yourself is a part of your self confidence and power. Men might go crazy just seeing a stunning woman who knows how to take good care of herself.

Be always dazzling; impress him with your good looks, fabulous hair, soft skin, fresh and at all times clean body, and irresistible perfume. All those things are sure to turn your man on. Keep in mind that most men are not looking for you to be a super model; they just want to know that you care about your appearance just for them.


Secret #6: Get Intimate as Much as You Can

Yes..Sex is our sixth secret. Experts and doctors say that sex is a natural beauty enhancer. You definitely need a perfect skin, glowing red cheeks and healthy soft hair. Those are the extras you’d get from your intimate relationship. Good blood flow ‘during sex’ brings oxygen and nutrients to your skin and hair. Sex is also considered the best stress reliever, a perfect ‘fun’ exercise to lose weight and shape your body. So as much as you feel confident and content in bed, you will always remain sexy and attractive in the eyes of your man.

Secret #7: Sexy Mama

Believe it or not: you are more sexy and tempting when you become a mother? Most of women think that they lose it once they have kids and become burdened with infinite duties. The truth is that there is something about a woman with kids that makes her really strong and very appealing.

You look at the mirror every day of your pregnancy and see someone you never met before. Big belly, stretch marks, some extra pounds, swollen feet…wow who’s that? Don’t be depressed, don’t hide from your man, he loves you the way you are, and he must love you now even more.

After giving birth, you are sexier than ever. There are physical attributes that mothers have which other women don’t; sometimes it’s a rounder belly, a fuller chest or just all out more womanly…We know men love that! Women who have had babies radiate a certain sexuality that other women don’t. . Just don’t forget that your man is your first love. Now after having kids, your love is divided; but don’t you ever make him come in the second place. When he feels that he is always on the top of your priorities, he will do his best to please you.

Secret #8: Love

Love…isn’t it the most significant word in the dictionary? Love is very powerful indeed. Men universally are drawn to women who live a life of love, positivity, joy, creativity and who keep worry and fear to a minimum. The fact is this type of woman is rare. Unfortunately most women live in constant fear, worry, self-judgment, guilt and anxiety. So here’s my secret advice for you my lady; a woman filled with love in her heart, who sees dance, celebration and music everywhere she goes is the most desirable woman.

Secret #9: Kitchen Rules

Last but not least, believe it or not, it is still important for a woman to be a good cook! There is nothing better for a man than coming home to a fresh, hot and homemade dish on the table. They really admire the effort and time a woman puts into preparing a meal and they feel special and rewarded after a long day.  You all know that old saying that has always proven true: “The shortest way to your man’s heart is through his stomach.”!!

So, my dear lady, try discovering your seductive self by keeping these ideas in mind and putting them to use. You will soon realize that you had such seductive goddess in you all this time. After all, every woman has one. Some say, “A woman with a beautiful body is good for night, but a woman with a beautiful mind is good for a lifetime.” I say a clever woman can be both!

By Amal Hejazi

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