Thursday, October 19

Our Best and Worst Of Ramadan’s TV Extravaganza!

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It goes without saying that TV is a major part of Ramadan experience. And whether we like it or not; it’s the time all TV channels, stars, producers and advertisers put their best efforts to get the viewer’s attention above all other competitors.. Sometimes they go to extremes to get that attention, and sometimes the simplest and sincerest effort is what gets all the applause… Magnificent team conversed about the best and worst of Ramadan productions this year to see if it’s extremes or creativity and mere talent that attract TV viewers. Here are our opinions on the best and worst of Ramadan’s TV extravaganza!



I think the worst ever are the so-called candid camera shows. They’re stooping to new lows to terrorize participants, and it’s just screaming all over the place. It was supposed to be about funny, now it’s purely nonsense  … nothing funny about them what so ever.  I also see El Dandoo AD as very disgusting AD, It’s not suitable at all and spreads very low-standard language and way of thinking among our young ones. Jiji Fadl

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I vote for Vodafone, Etisalat and Orange as motivational, cheerful ADs with purpose (sharing happiness and hope). Worst ADs are underwear’s and Birell’s. As for TV shows, Ramez Byl3ab bl Nar, and Hani Fi ElAdghal are the worst! They are fake and annoying and isn’t funny at all to see people pretending to be scared and horrified. In terms of the best series, my favorites are Yosra’s (Fo2 Mostawa al Shobohat) and the light comedy (Nelly We Sherihan). Sarah Osman


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Ramez is getting worse year after the other; it doesn’t only startle guests but it terrifies the audience as well. He verbally abuses guests episode after episode, and this needs to stop because honestly nothing is amusing about it!  As for worst commercials, they’re underwear commercials. Cottonil for example uses sexually hidden implications to attract specific type of young audience. And it’s especially inappropriate to hear such language during Ramadan. Best TV show is El Sadma. It’s a foreign idea that has been implemented to fit Arab’s culture. It mainly sheds the light on many behavioral problems that we may not respond to in public.  And it helped restoring a little faith in humanity that we sensed was long gone. Reham Meky




Best series is Afra7 El Kobba originally written by the one and only Naguib Mahfouz and skillfully turned into a TV drama by Nashwa Zayed. It scores the highest due to the amazing performances from the very well-selected cast and being skillfully directed by Mohamed Yaseen. Hagar Mohammad



2016-07-05 23.29.18I don’t watch much, but I did find an animated series as I was channel-surfing called ‘Womens Stories‘ on MBC3. Although I only understand a little, being Australian and everything, it charmed me and I think it would be great for Mums looking to keep kids entertained while doing their thing. I think it is an old series being run again. But I wish they would do subtitles or dub it in English, because I think it may also be a good educational tool for kids in families with parents of two nationalities, especially where the father is Muslim and mother does not know so much about the stories and traditions. It’s also nice that at the end it shows the actors performing their characters. Sue Ryan

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