Thursday, October 19

The rebirth of gym age

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Shaping your body and keeping it healthy has become an essential thing these days. And how else can you achieve that but go hit the gym??!!!!! NOOOOOOO, now all the energy and persistence that you once had is gone!! Hit the gym you say? What about my job? What about the kids?Where am I ganna to find the time and energy to actually drive somewhere and work out on a daily basis?


And that is exactly what I am here to say! Hitting the gym has become very common these days, and it is not as hard as you think, you can actually say that it has become more like a nice outing where you go work out and relax at the same time, so don’t lose hope, and listen to what I have to say……


Body language:

 The gym has widened its facilities and made itself harder to resist!! Nowadays, hitting the gym doesn’t only mean working out on some of the equipments they have or even doing aerobics, but the term “gym” has become a world of its own, a world of the best fitness concerning your body.

After deciding which gym your are going to, and believe me when I tell you that it wont be an easy choice, you will get a list of the kind of work outs the gym presents and then you will receive the assistance of a very professional and some times hot trainer who will help you narrow your choice down only by looking at your body and figuring out the place where you need the most work done.


Work outs and more….:

Now I want you to keep your mind open to all possibilities that are going to face you when you read this list, the sky is your limit, there is the normal aerobics, boxing, swimming, yoga, kick boxing, and even listen to this DANCING!!!!! Can you imagine dancing the fat away, how cool is that?!!!!!


Relax and loose the fats:

The gym is also concerned with your relaxation, as being relaxed helps your body and makes it easier for you to loose weight and shape your body. Your relaxation here is achieved by steaming rooms, Jacuzzi, and even body massages. Yes, all this does exist in one place, a heaven called “the gym”!!!! They fist put you in steaming rooms where you sit for some time, for your pores to open, to purify your skin and relax your body  and nerves, sounds amazing doesn’t it?!!!

After that you are placed in an ice cold pool, and this somehow relaxes your muscles and refreshes you, its marvelous, believe me!


Ladies with the babies:

One of the major reasons that made hitting the gym so hard to do is the kids, where are we supposed to leave them and with whom? And throughout the work outs, you get this guilty feeling of leaving the kids alone while you take care of yourself, and thus spoiling any attempt of relaxation you were trying to achieve. Well ladies, not anymore, coz now one of the new facilities of the number one gyms in Egypt is a nursery or the baby room. Yes, I am not kidding, now you can work out, relax, have a drink on the swimming pool, and do whatever pleases you without any guilt or worries. Not only are your kids in the same building with you, but they are also being taken care of by professionals who are very trust-worthy and safe.



You have no excuse now, thanks to the amazing concern and work of the top gyms here in Egypt, all that is left for you to do is look for the gym that best suits you and register and you will be more than welcomed there plus you get to leave with a smoking hot body, it’s a win-win game, so everyone leaves happy!!!!! 





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