Thursday, January 18

They Are Called “Psychic Vampires”

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Seeing them repetitively in movies, with an insatiable thirst for blood, equipped with long fangs to pierce veins, sleeping in coffins and hiding from the sunlight, we have grown accustomed to the fantasy of vampires. And the movies provided audience with a guide on how to uncover them: play the mirror trick—vampires won’t have a reflection. That’s easy indeed. But where the popular culture and arts dwelled on blood suckers, little has been said about energy suckers, aka psychic vampires. Simply put, psychic vampires drain the energy of human beings for their own nourishment. This is the basic idea—spooky but likely real!
The phenomenon of energy vampires is deep and complicated, with esoteric and occult concepts. On the more sophisticated level, a psychic vampire employs telepathy to feed off the auric life force of others. In the layman language, and away from any cults, a psychic vampire could be someone whose company always leaves you depleted; physically, mentally and emotionally exhausted. And the intricacy of the phenomenon springs from unawareness, on the parts of both the victim and the attacker. Unlike the common vampire that hunts a prey and drinks its blood, energy vampires are not necessarily doing what they do deliberately; the delicate process of drinking the sap of life could be done unintentionally and unconsciously. Even the traits associated with a psychic vampire are not that indicative of any lurking evil, which adds to the peculiarity of the phenomenon.
About a Psychic Vampire
Certain qualities have been ascribed to an energy parasite (psychic vampire). The list is neither exclusive nor conclusive.
•    At their hearts, psychic vampires have a conviction of being “victimized.”
•    This constant state of mind leaves them feeling lonely, deserted, fatigued, bitter, depressed, and vindictive.
•    They are never satisfied and are always on the look for someone to constantly nurture them.
•    They are demanding and don’t want to be left alone; parasitic, attached and needy.
•    They are control freaks, manipulating every tiny detail in any relationship.
•    They are easily vexed and for no reason.
•    They feel energetic around crowds and at night, with debility in the morning.
•    They talk and talk, but are poor listeners.
A Victim:
The weaker a person is, the more vulnerable they are to attack. Some signs and symptoms have been observed in psychic vampire victims:
•    headaches, varying in intensity
•    stomach pain, also varying in intensity
•    chronic fatigue
•    sleep disturbances
•    irritability
•    depressed mood
•    depletion
•    other physical symptoms involving the muscles
Recovery is not out of question, but it is proportional to the time spent with the attacker. It is easier in the earlier stages, and requires good nutrition, rest and surrounding yourself with a positive atmosphere, something to boost your energy and refresh your soul. Some meditation with paced breathing is beneficial. Still, if you leave the root causes untreated and only address the symptoms, the likelihood that you be open to further attacks is high.
Think of emotional blackmailing; think of everyday people who go around emitting negative energy; think of gloomy characters who won’t leave you till they have caught you in the nest of depression. Think day-to-day interactions and mood swings brought about by someone’s company; that’s the level am concerned with. These are the kinds you need to stand up to, face and in extreme cases expel from your world; summon your inner strength and will—basic combat tactics.
As for the intricate aura and life force and universal energy matters, as for healing crystals and closing circles and the rest of supernatural, this article is not an exhaustive account of the phenomenon, but more of an inquisition into how far it applies on the surface level—supernatural, cult and elements omitted.
Countless people must have been into some sort of relationship, whether with work colleagues, neighbors, a life partner, a friend and even a relative, that consumed unlimited energy to maintain, and still it was never at the satisfactory level. Whether one party was a constant taker and the other a nonstop giver; whether someone was always finding fault with the other; whether any discussion always led to a clash of opinions and any gathering ended up with an unexplainable feeling of exhaustion…etc, these are instances of reality that spoil life and leave behind a soul going down a murky abyss. And it is precisely the soul that cannot survive without light. So, let’s turn on all the lights of the world and immerse our souls into the glowing brightness. Don’t let anyone ruin your life.

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