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Tips to Spice Up House!

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Ever thought about remodeling your house to make it more attractive and cozy? Do you wonder why some houses just have that vibe, such inviting coziness, and you wonder how?

Today we will give you a lot of ideas so you can transform your house from dull and cold to appealing and warm. You can use all the ideas below for an ultimate effect or you can just choose whatever you like according to the space you have, your taste and your preferences.

These tips can be applied pretty much to any room in your house; your living room, bedroom, office, etc…

Now it’s time to Spice up your house. Check out the following simple steps to creating an inviting, cozy, harmonious and yes, even sexy home read on:

**Clean up: Ok, no fingers pointed but some of us have some very messy and unclean houses. We are talking TIDY. Clean out the dust and dirt especially in the areas of the house that you don’t normally see. Get behind that desk that hasn’t been moved in years and dust off those piles of books and papers. Mop the floors, clean the windows, and wash the curtains. Get in there and do the work. A beautiful house is a clean house.

**De-clutter: As you are cleaning up, clean out. Remove all clutter. This is a vital step in creating harmony in your home. Clutter creates tension. You may not be entirely conscious of this because you are used to the clutter but once you clear the space your entire body will relax from the release. Clear off side tables and coffee tables. They should only contain the following: a lighting source, a book, a vase of flowers. Clean out every area of your home. In general, if you haven’t used it, looked for it, wondered “where did I put that” in the last year, or even the past 6 months, Toss it! This includes old clothes, magazines, food, toiletries, and even furniture. The great thing is if the clothes and furniture are in good order, there are local charities always looking for such stuff so they won’t go to waste. Let it go and breathe.

**Let the fresh air in: You’d be amazed at how the gentle flow of breeze coming into your home actually adds life to it. It will also get rid of all the old cooking smells and freshen up your house. Use air freshener or scented candles and let a sexy scent waft through the air like French vanilla or strawberry & cream, Yum! Burn some lavender essential oils in your bedroom for a restful sleep.

**Bring in life: Fresh flowers and plants add so much to a home, especially Rose arrangements. Keep fresh flowers on the table and in the front hall. Also the kitchen table, your desk, and the coffee table would benefit from a simple arrangement of fresh flowers. You don’t need a full bouquet for each. One standard bouquet can split into two or three.

**Serenade your home: This is a huge part of having an inviting atmosphere. Play soft music on low, always, even when you leave the house. When you walk through the door after a long day at work, the sounds will be so inviting and instantly begin to relax you. When you keep the music on, the energy infuses into your home and you and your guests will love the vibe. Be careful, you don’t want to play break-up slow jams as you are setting energy here. Just because it’s slow and melodic doesn’t mean it is good energy. Play happy music, keep it always on and turn the volume up as you see fit but just let it play.

**The furniture: Arrange your furniture for a harmonious flow of energy. Use soft luxurious fabrics such as velvet for your couch and loveseat. Keep fresh, soft linens in the bathroom and silky bed sheets in the bedroom.

**Manage your Lighting: Overhead lighting is notoriously unflattering. There is nothing sexy about a well-lit room. You want shadows, highlights, and the soft glow of a filtered light. Place lamps with ivory shades in the corners, and make sure the bulbs are no more than 60 watts. For even more impact, hang a dimmable chandelier for a touch of glamour. The only thing more flattering is candlelight, but be careful because you don’t want to start a fire! Add a few candles for soft lighting and put all light fixtures and lamps on dimmers.

**Add more mirrors to the room: Mirrors create wonderful reflective surfaces that add depth. So hang a large mirror on the wall, add a floor-length one on either side of your living room, or incorporate mirrored furniture into the room for a dreamy display.

**Keep the stress out: Create a stress-free room by painting the walls with complementary colors, such as, grey, blues, golden tans, and soft shades of rose on the walls for a calming feel. Then add bold purples, reds and spicy oranges throughout the room for a warming and inviting effect.

**Use rugs: Rugs can cozy up a space or ground a seating area while drowning out sound and adding pattern and texture. They are must-haves when it comes to design, and the right rug in the right room can really finish the space and add style to spare. For your living room; you will want your rug to cozy up and ground the seating area, so it should be at least as long as your sofa. Even if your living room has wall-to-wall carpet; a nice area rug can add pattern, color and style to your seating area like nothing else. So it is highly recommended to bring in a gorgeous rug (no matter the current flooring in your living room) to add comfort and define your color palette. Find a multi-colored one and pull pillow and curtain colors straight for your new area rug to make the whole space cohesive and inviting. Fur rugs provide the ultimate in luxurious comfort for any bedroom. The sexy fur rugs are tactile, they make lounging on the floor a truly delicious experience.

**Build a fake fireplace to decorate your living room: Fireplaces, whether they are fake or real, give a room a comfy ambience. If you don’t have a real fireplace, build a fake one.  It is fairly easy to build. You can light it up with a lot of candles. A fireplace can add deluxe beauty to your living room. Don’t forget to place a large rug near the fireplace. It will make an welcoming place for you, your family and your guests to sit down and spend a good time.

Now, that you’ve done all that. Stop and take a moment to just feel the difference. Amazing isn’t it? Relax and enjoy!

A harmonious, sexy and inviting space is not only great for when you have guests but more importantly, it is essential for your spirit. It relaxes you and helps you focus on you.

By Rania Salem

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