Monday, December 18

Wash it off.. Shake it off.. Jump it off!!!

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The adrenaline and stress of an adventure are better than a thousand peaceful days.― Paulo Coelho. Are you suffering from the subtle malaise of the modern world?! Are you too stressed to enjoy any of life’s offerings? Always having too much on your plate; another deadline, another chore, another unpaid bill, unwashed laundry, and a million push notifications reply to; not to mention the everyday activities that keep you functioning!! Everyone responds to stress in a different way: sleeping too much or too little, binging on TV, crying, screaming, road raging, chewing fingernails down to the nub, or eating; eating; and eating!! Well, don’t get so busy making a living that you forget to make a life! So here are some uplifting activities to help you in your journey to tranquility!

Walk It Off / Hike It Off!

So if stress comes knocking, you’re depressed, or feeling low; just PAUSE! Going away on a short holiday or a mini weekend trip can work wonders. So ward off the stress of those urban crowds, noise and traffic by putting on your sport shoes and taking a hike. Just imagine yourself waking up at dawn, on top of a mountain, the sun appearing through a valley in a distant mountain range, and you climb as much as you can and watch the sunrise from the mountain’s peak. In my opinion, hiking allows us to reset our internal noise and return with clearer thoughts and calmer spirit. Nature truly does have the power to help us unwind; we just need to embrace it!

Shake It Off / Pole It Off!

So you think you can’t dance? There’s no right or wrong way to shake it off. Forget about if you’re any good and just let loose. Say it loudly “I can do it!”, and THHHHHEN dance like nobody is watching. Shake it.. just shake that stress off! Pole dancing is a trending dance exercise that involves swinging around a fixed pole. Some consider it an erotic kind of exercise but it’s a miracle stress reliever; promoting positive self-esteem, initiating self-control, improving mental health, and diminishing signs of depression. A pole dancer once said, “some days I swear pole dancing class is the only thing that clears my head and makes me smile again.” It is such a natural rush to work hard and finally make your body obey!

Wash It Off / Surf It Off!

While there’s no clear reason why immersing yourself in water is a great way to reduce stress; a sea or an ocean work best, but a lake, stream or pond work well too. And one of the most thrilling ways to enjoy the beautiful waters that is not widely available in our side of the planet but totally worth giving it a try is surfing! Some people consider surfing as a form of attitude dancing. And if you ask any surfer about it, they all agree on one thing: it’s the best reliever ever! “Oh man, it makes me feel recovered and a little bit cleansed “are the words of an avid sufferer. Gosh what a feeling! So next time you plan a getaway; consider a place with high waves, take a surf board and wash your worries away!

Jump It Off / Bungee It Off!

Bungee jumping is a really cool activity, as long as you’re a spectator. However, when it’s your turn to jump, there is such bizarre blend of terror and uncontrollable excitement. I think overcoming the fear here is the real reason why you do it…. WHEEEEEEEEEE!! At first, maybe, you are gonna hesitate and ask yourself  “Should I jump, or should I wait until someone pushes me, or should I just give it all up and say NO I CANT DO IT!! I promise you friend, once you take the plunge, and do it; your head will be going from “what’s the @*^#” to “that’s awesome man” in a few seconds!! Just jump out with confidence, bounce back up in sheer exhilaration, and feel the thrill is on the edge!!

We all get stressed out, but sometimes what’s weighing us down is not ours to carry. Just shove the stress off; you’re so much stronger than you think you are! Give those freeing activities a shot and get your mood back on track. Break-up with stress and commit to what makes you thrilled. And remember: you can always do anything yet not everything, so just CHILL and BE HAPPY!


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