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Declutter Your Home

Messy Home

As Chi energy stagnates whenever there’s clutter. Messy crowded closets, drawers, stacks of papers/books, and piles of clothes are the worst culprits for bogging down chi energy and your life. Rearrange furniture to help the chi energy to move freely around your house.

Consider The Window Charm

Window Charm

While you should close your windows at night and cover them with curtains/drapes, you should open them during the day to allow sunshine and chi energy to revitalize the room. Hang a crystal in the window. Also hang a wind chime where air flow will cause it to ding.

Clean Up Your Garden

Clean Garden

Also add potted plants on the balcony, patio, or entryway to foster vibrant energy in and around the house.

Repair Leaky Faucets and Toilets

Moaning Myrtel

Invest your money to replace the system in your tank, if your toilet doesn’t drain and fill up properly. If faucets leak, replace worn washers or other plumbing parts.

Add a Water Fountain or Aquarium


This is an excellent way to stimulate chi energy which is the positive energy for your finances and career.

Hang mirrors in dining room


Since meals are served there, the dining table is a symbol of a family’s abundance. And Feng Shui remedy for finances is to hang a mirror in the dining room, so that it reflects the dining table.

Remove Mirrors in the Bedroom

Evil Mirror

Old Feng Shui traditions teach that a mirror reflecting the bed will create infidelity by inviting a third party into a marriage bed. If the mirror is part of an armoire that can’t be moved, then cover up the mirror part. Do not have mirrors or TV sets that reflect your bed while you sleep. Cover them before you go to bed with a scarf or another drape.

Keep Bathroom Door and Toilet Lid Closed

The bathroom is dedicated to carrying waste water (dirty water) from the home. To keep it contained within this room, always keep the bathroom door closed.

Move Desk to Command Position

relocate desk

One of the best ways to improve work and finances is to move your desk to the command position of the room. The command position is facing the door that opens into your office.

Locate Your Bed Smartly

Locate Bed

Beds should face south-east so that the process of sleeping and waking are in harmony with nature. The foot of your bed should not point toward the door into your bedroom. The head of your bed should have a solid headboard and be positioned against a solid wall rather than under windows.

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