Monday, December 18

Color Your Life with White!

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With sparks in her eyes, she said “I’m blessed… I’ve dreamt of this moment since I was a kid; meeting my prince charming and wearing my princess wedding dress. Now you’re here, my dear, I wish I could find the dress I kept dreaming of!” He smiled and delicately asked: “Mmm…What about its color?” She instantly answered: “Oh, definitely WHITE”!

Every girl dreams of her white wedding dress, but have you ever asked yourself, why it’s basically WHITE?!

Well, you may thank Queen Victoria for the tradition of a white wedding dress that has gone down in the history. She chose to wear silk-satin white bridal gown at her wedding to Prince Albert in 1840, to defy the norms of that time and introduce a new bridal fashion which is still in vogue.

Color is a form of non-verbal communication. Each color has its own meaning, energy and deep effect. The color ‘white’ contains an equal balance of all colors of the spectrum, representing both positive and negative aspects of all colors. It symbolizes mixture of completeness and openness to new beginnings.

The meaning of color ‘white’ is purity, innocence and holiness.  Brides traditionally wear white gowns as symbol of innocence and purity. Doctors wear this color as indication of cleanliness and efficiency. Muslim pilgrims wear toweling robes of this color as symbol of holiness. And in the Bible, it is a representation of the divine.

Many people like wearing this amazing color as a token of their own youth and high spirit; it reminds them of time when life was easier and less complicated. It connects them naturally to simplicity and happiness; and hence it’s considered a color with an optimistic energy.

White is also associated with life and death. Calling for new beginnings is another role the color plays in the palette of life. It signifies a new phase on all levels, personal or professional; planning an overseas trip for the first time, seeking a new relationship, or a long-waited career shift.

Even in cultures where ‘white’ is traditionally related to death and mourning; in these cultures, death usually means end of one life and the beginning of another. So in color psychology, the meaning of new beginnings still holds. White may indicate the end of a cycle in your life; but it’s always about seeking a new direction.

The color ‘white’ is strongly associated with the basics of life.  It’s very favorable when you are in need for self-connection, sense of peace and calmness. It creates a mood of comfort and tranquility. But take care of too much white! It may cause emptiness, boredom and unneeded isolation.

Now here’s the last question! Did Queen Victoria know all that about White?! Surprisingly, fashion-forward Queen Victoria didn’t wear the white color to symbolize purity or virginity. She just loved the color and wanted to make a statement as the Queen of her country. Now what about you, are you ready to walk down the aisle in WHITE!

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