Thursday, January 18

Who Wins the Prince’s Heart?!

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When we think of Prince Charming, noble traits come to mind. We think of someone who is aristocratic, charismatic, handsome, brave, wealthy and romantic! He’s every girl’s fantasy and is always surrounded by lots of damsels who wish to live Happily Ever After with him. Truly, who wouldn’t?!

So what type of girl would capture the Prince’s heart?

Royalty Wedding

Whether in reality or fairy tales, Prince Charming is an ordinary human being who searches for real love. In the fairy tale, Cinderella, the ordinary girl, won the heart of the prince. And it happened many times in real life that a prince rose above royalty and throne to marry a commoner!

If you are expecting Prince Charming, you have to be his Cinderella. How? Let’s go through Cinderella’s features and see!

She’s not a PLAYER


Believe it or not! Men aim for stability same like women, and they ditch playful queen bees to live in a house full of warmth. They can sacrifice their staring lives, if she is the one to depend on and to build a HOME with!



She is natural! She loves life, runs, laughs from heart, plays like little kids, and speaks her mind out without worrying about others. She knows how to enjoy life and have a lively soul that makes people around her really feel good.

She is the one to TRUST


For someone who is surrounded by lots of lady hunters, a real person is what would stand out for the prince. He’ll ask himself whether she really wants him for who he is, or for what he has to give?! The key to any man’s heart is trust. And the winner is the one who checks that trust box, in his mind. He will trust her with his heart as well, because he can feel it’s genuine.

She’s her own CHARACTER


He would have super models, rich girls, party chicks, or whatever he wants; but his Cinderella would be quite different than that! She doesn’t have to be that glossy person as her simplicity is what he’s been missing in his elegant world. Being unlike anyone else he knows is one of the attributes that would massively attract him.


Not Fake

She is a real person. She doesn’t pretend to be someone else, or try to do things that she’s not used to just to please others. She’s just being herself knowing that people would love her for who she is.

She’s for BETTER and for WORSE

For Better and Worse

Cinderella doesn’t realize that the Prince is royalty. She is impressed by only his character. She cares about him more than anyone else. She’s a good listener when he wants to talk, and she talks when he needs to listen. She stands by him when he needs her and shares good and bad times with him.

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