Thursday, January 18

8 Ways iPhone X is Cool for Egyptian Women!

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With iPhone X coming to Egypt, many comics spread on social media on how Egyptian women won’t be able to use it because it’s too advanced, and too specific on facial recognition which doesn’t go well with the too-much-makeup approach of female Egyptians 😉 But, guess what?! iPhone X proved to be very cool for us women of Egypt. Here are 8 ways we can really enjoy it!



The true depth camera is like the dream mobile camera for her selfies. Giving focus to the foreground and blurring the background! Cool!


Water Resistance

Women are known to be super multi-taskers, and Egyptian women, in particular,  have tons of shores to juggle on a daily basis. So with the new iPhone’s dust and water resistance, mummies can now wash the dishes while chatting, or you can find your sister answering their business email while taking shower!



Now that finally iPhone added the wireless-charging option to their new smartphone; the ladies can move around the house/workplace/gym, dance all they want and exercise when they need without being stuck to a charging cable. 

Super Powers


And to cope with your multi-tasking, the A11 Bionic smart ship is capable of up to 600 billion operations per second! That’s of course if you can think of that number!!

Face ID


Well, a lot of fun was made. Men kept joking iPhone won’t  be able recognize women faces because of the too much makeup. Guess what, iPhone X has adaptive recognition. So, you can change your hair color every day and wear whatever makeup you want; and your smart phone will recognize your face anyway.


Detective Sense

Imagine the tricks you can pull off using ‘Face ID’ while the mobile owner is sleeping! Imagine the secrets jealous wives with detective sense would be able to uncover then!! Hahaa devilish smile emoji!



Women might spend a whole day trying to find the right emoji that expresses their feeling. Now they can find whatever crazy emoji they might be thinking of with iPhone X new Animoji feature; a talking fox, a pig doing stand-up, a singing pile of poo, whatever. iPhone X Animoji  analyzes over 50 different muscle movements to mirror your expressions in 12 Animoji. It’s Apple’s playful, amusing, and downright addictive way to show off the capabilities of their TrueDepth camera.



Augmented reality in games! Are you serious! Sure. Count us in! 🙂

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