Sunday, January 21

Beauty Yoga… Yes Face Yoga Exists!

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We all wonder if we could have a skin so young and beautiful like celebrities. Well, we all want a youthful glowing look, that is why we invest so much into face creams and treatments. Now, here is some good news, you too can have a radiant skin that draws attention! You don’t need to splurge on expensive lotions or fancy creams or anything; the answer is simple… Just a four-letter-word… YOGA! In the past years, many have turned to yoga to help turn back the clock, now let’s let our dear yoga surprise us even more!!

Face Yoga

Yep, face yoga (faceasana) is a thing! One of the most simple forms of face yoga is the kiss and smile technique. Yeah, it’s as fun as it sounds! But, listen carefully, do this in a room with no one watching! Set in a comfortable seat and make an over exaggerated kissing shape with your mouth clenching your eyebrows and eyes, then smile as big as you can make the poses as exaggerated as possible.


This exercise is a bit difficult to do and needs a bit of practice. But if you’re aiming at a glowing skin and hoping to maintain it, then I guess your beauty is worth some extra efforts, yeah? During headstands, blood starts to flow towards your face by reversing the gravity flow, which acts like a face lift; and by the way it also aids in minimizing wrinkles! 😉

Buddha Face Pose

This exercise is the easiest of all yoga poses. Just close your eyes, visualize the point between your eyebrows, and make a very slight smile; and viola we are done with this… Ain’t it simple?!

Wind Relieving Yoga

Say hello to one of the most effective yoga poses for having a glowing skin. Why? The wind relieving technique stretches the muscles properly. It is often used to get away from injury but through forceful exhalation in this process, detoxification happens; the first effect of which shows in the form of naturally glowing skin!

Bow Pose

This posture gives your belly a sweet little squeeze and will send some fresh blood through your system, which is the key to a radiant look. Bend your knees, and reach back with your hands to grab for your ankles or the tops of your feet. Now, no more need for blusher; guaranteed! 🙂

Puppet Face Pose

Smile with your teeth showing, and then gently press your fingertips into the creases between your nose and lips. Lift the muscles up and press your fingertips down into the muscles for slight resistance.


Do this twice a day, every day. The more you do it, the more wonders you will get; including the health of your skin and your whole body! Meditation will be your natural make-up that would last long and make you look purely stunning. Who needs makeup when we have long-term meditator glow?!

OK, we might be exaggerating just a little. But these yoga poses promise to relax your fine lines into smooth submission. Are they worth a shot? We say, big yes!!
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