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You’re As Sexy As Your Pheromones!!

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We all produce pheromones! Those are body natural odors that dictate certain sexual behavior and attract the opposite sex. So every time you wear a perfume, you’re just covering up your own sexy scent. Even when you’re taking a shower, you’re removing such pheromones that determine your very distinguished smell. Scientists claim that they can produce alluring, sensual fragrances infused with one’s own natural pheromones to give everyone their own sexual odor! .Personally, I don’t believe in that, it feels like companies are just trying to market their products. I see it’s more of a psychological matter. When you go to a store and get convinced that a certain perfume will make you a bit sexier and/or will attract the person of your dreams, you tend to be more confident when you use that product, believing that it can do miracles. So automatically you can’t help but feeling sexy.

What are Pheromones and how they work?

A pheromone is a natural body odor that is emitted from you. Yes you! Just ike DNA, each one of us has his/her own pheromone signature. It’s some kind of ectohormones that are secreted by a person and perceived by another. Such ectohormones do lead to a change in those two social and sexual behavior.
Pheromones are carried in the air and received via the vomeronasal organ (VNO) in the nose. The VNO is mainly a connection. It is linked to the olfactory bulb behind the nose which leads to the amygdala (intended for emotions) then to the thalamus to get distributed to the other parts of the brain.

Pheromone & Love!

We’ve all heard/read about such romantic, love-at-first-sight stories and we kept wondering whether this fantasy does exist. Well, this isn’t the question now. Researches proved that when you meet that special someone, your sixth sense is going to be attracted to him/her no matter what. Yes it isn’t about the eyes at all. Your nose becomes the most powerful sense that leads you to your other half.

Here’s an amusing experiment that took place in the States:

A man who was supposed to get attracted to a specific pheromone sat on a chair with both his eyes covered. Then strange women approached him and sat in front of him without saying a word. Surprisingly, it happened, the man got attracted to the woman with the pheromone he likes the most. They even started dating right after. This is what’s called blind love. The chemicals in the pheromone have emotional impact on us more than what we might have ever imagined. A smell can take you back to a special memory embedded in your brain. So stop wondering the next time you meet a person and you can’t stop thinking about them. I guess you now recognized the reason why!

Men sometimes try their best to attract a woman, but many of the trials may possibly fail. However, it’s that simple, males attract females with the pheromone scents released from their sweat glands. They excrete up to four times more pheromones than women do; precisely from their skin and hair. It’s more obvious in some animals like bulls and horses, as they tend to turn up their nostrils when they get agitated by love.


Scent ‘n Sentiment.

The scents below are of the most powerful odors that excite concealed sentimental effects once smelled:

Lavender: Comforting. Helps relieve pain
Lemon: Refreshing, stimulating and energizing. Eases tension. Heightens mental clarity.
Jasmine: Eases nervousness and depression.
Mandarin: Reducing and calming. Relieves insomnia/sleeplessness
Peppermint: Refreshing .motivating and stimulating. Increases alertness. Relieves pain, indigestion, nausea, and headaches.

NO two common scents in the world:

There are no two scents on earth that are exactly the same. Like features, you’ll never find two faces alike. We are subconsciously attracted to sweet or musky, citrusy or pungent, slightly-woody or floral, Herbaceous, or fruity odors. And each person prefers a certain category of smells. Let us examine what do you prefer?

Make your scent match your mood and personality.

Are you flirty, mysterious, confident or daring?

Take this odor QUIZ to know

Which scent you should be wearing?

1)      When I wear fragrance I want to feel?
A) confident
B) Flirty
C) Mysterious
D) Desirable

2)      I would describe my perfect going out date as:
A) Fun-Filled
B) Adventurous
C) Romantic
D) Unexpected

3)      I’d characterize my personal style as:
A) Playful
B) Feminine
C) glamorous
D) Trendy

4)      In one word , I could describe myself as:
A) Energetic
B) Carefree
C) Fascinating
D) Intriguing

5)      When I meet new people I want them to appreciate my:
A) Smile
B) Spontaneity
C) Sensuality
D) Style

Mostly A’s:
You’re energetic and the idea of pure fun seems irresistible. You know how to have fun and you make use of every moment. You’re always optimistic. You have a shining smile and you attract good times. You’ll shine in something alluring and full of life.
Your ideal Fragrance components: Citrus petals – Mirabelle plum – Star jasmine- Heliotrope mouse- Marshmallow musk- Golden woods.

Mostly B’s
You’re playful, feeling feminine and carefree. You love the idea of being the center of attention. You’ll shine in an irresistible fragrance that will make you the spotlight with a bold and playful sparkle.
Your ideal Fragrance components: Peach – Ginger – Leaf- Yellow Jasmine- Roses – Musk – Fruit wood.

Mostly C’s
You’re intoxicating and mesmerizing. You turn heads whenever you go. You leave a long lasting impression. You’re dreaming of romantic moments and have an overpowering look of mystery. You’ll shine in decedent blend of macchiato flower with a luxurious and glamorous alluring sensuality.
Your ideal Fragrance components: Vanilla- liquid caramel – Osmanthus flower – Grape fruit – Creamy Musk – Cyclamen.


Mostly D’s:
Enigmatic beauty draws you in. You’re a surprising character. You like new things.
You’ll shine in something lighter than you have ever expected. An artful blend with hints of water lily.
Your ideal Fragrance components: Plum – Exotic berries – Velvet violet – Carnal musk – Vanilla – Sandal wood.

So next time when you’re confused on having a crush on someone, give them the sniff test. It might tell you all you need to know. And be prepared to be sniffed every now and then as well. Dear readers: just have awakened that most precious 6th sense of yours! 😉

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