Monday, December 18

ZODIAC: Who’s the Sexiest Among Them All!

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Everyone has his own charm and magical look! No matter what zodiac sign you are, you’re sexy on your own way. The secret simply lies in self confidence and trust in your uniqueness.

Whether you are the independent Aries, analytical Virgo, ambitious Capricorn, diplomatic Libra, mysterious Cancer or visionary Aquarius; your sign will shadow your personality with a certain trait that will make you glow. However, even in astrology there must be the question of “Who’s on Top?!” Which zodiac sign stands out the most when it comes to the Art of Seduction?! Astrologists have the answer to this question. They believe that some zodiac signs are sexier by nature, and that people under such signs are the most attractive, enchanting, vital and certainly irresistible.  And since men and women of the same sign might not share the same traits, we came to find that there are 2 different “Mr. and Miss Sexy” Zodiac Signs.

Mr.  Sexy Zodiac

Are you excited to know if you are the winner of this Zodiac contest?!  We are glad to tell you that the lucky winner, the sexiest of males, is LEO. Yes indeed, let’s talk about the King of them all. The lion. His passionate and adventurous nature cannot be surpassed. A Leo always makes their presence known. He is full of energy that acts like a people magnet. Females are attracted to the Leo’s wit, charm, and words -for they speak of things grand and one-of-a-kind. A Leo will never settle for second best. He always cherishes to be on top, in all walks of life. His presence and public image always come first (You will notice that Leo men are always surrounded by luxurious possessions.)  And this is only the beginning ladies! Because when it comes to love; Leo‘s charisma, wittiness and warmth will make you head over heels at first sight. Once you are the lucky queen, rest assured you will be the center of his kingdom. A Leo man will try all imaginative ways to make you happy, and this thorough attention is utterly sexy for most women. So “what are you waiting for? Go get a king”

Miss Sexy Zodiac

As for Miss Sexy sign girls, you can feel it or notice it among your friends, sisters or any female you know under the Scorpio Sign. No dispute that the Scorpio lady is the sexiest among the entire zodiac ladies. Some of them may not be the most beautiful, but still the most attractive! It is as if mysterious magic spells are coming out of their eyes.  The mystery is the secret of her magnetic attitude. Scorpio lady is not only irresistible for being the wild cat of the zodiac, but also because she has an incredibly analytical mind and powerful instincts.  If you are the hubby to be, be ready to undergo many mental tests before getting her heart. In a nutshell, Scorpio lady is full of flair and intrigue, a fascinating woman that the strong A-type personality male will adore. She presents the right amount of challenge with the right amount of rewards. She is with no doubt the ultimate seductive, flirtatious woman.
By Samar Abd Rabou

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