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Character In Perfume Bottle By Francesca Dell’Oro!

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img_20161121_084504Francesca Dell’Oro Parfum was born as an artistic olfactory laboratory. After years spent in haute couture, design and luxury, Francesca decided to treasure inspirations and experiences gathered to fulfill her dream: translate emotions and language of senses in unique and valuable perfumes while telling and sharing unforgettable stories with her olfactory creations. For Francesca, perfume is a highly refined complement. The most valuable and intriguing perfumes become a blend of notes for always different harmonies. Desires, memories and dreams lose their untouchable nature to acquire liquid consistency and consecrate themselves on skin.


The Perfumes

All Francesca Dell’Oro Parfum fragrances are to be “interpreted” elegant, unusual, and able to magnify the connection with one’s inner self.



Like a perfumed hug, an enveloping and precious fragrance that glides over the skin and accompanies in caressing and privileged atmosphere. This fragrance was born as a sophisticated architecture designed to modulate the colour of confidence and paint delicate flowering corners, reassuring and collected, but made bold by woody and spicy prospective.



An intimate fragrance, a scent full of memories of heart and thoughts that travel within the walls of an evocation dear to memory. Not a neutral place but a peaceful one: white-hot. White Plumage is the sublime impalpability of a feeling that emerges. The ephemeral boundary between the woody notes, white and precious, blends with ancient mystical scent resins creating a bond with one’s sensible Ego.



An idiom made of vitality and colour dedicated to a Bubble woman, bouncing and sparkling, a bit “Lolita” and a bit “it girl”, who expresses her personality in Technicolor. A carefree and sometimes mischievous fragrance that possesses all the nuances of “bon bon” accords. The sunniness of fruity tones is harmonized together with the sweetness of the exotic vanillas and the pulp of tropical coconut.



Francine is an olfactory “modernist” creation that recalls the uncontaminated nature. The luxuriant Mediterranean resounds in classical woods that dominate the base of the fragrance. Between land and sea, the cool shyness of an irreverent galbanum is mottled by floral and aromatic tones peek out.



Compelling as a thrill through fingers, as a mysterious adventure, as the nature of things. This is a sharp edged perfume, with a touch of glamour embedded in the eastern soul, to be looked “straight in the eye”. Sumptuous saffron, coriander and davana open up the top notes with a scratchy and decided momentum.



A neo-romantic perfume with warm notes of musk and Siam benzoin enclosed in the sweetness of orange blossom and tiaré. A floral and bright sensuality built around the key ingredient of the fragrance, the gardenia, a flower that proclaims a modern while retro sweetness, in an accord with noble allure given by the variegated shades. Delicate reflections, like from another era, light up the base for a romantic and chic creature.



Like the sheet of a diary, like the page of a book, this perfume contains various suggestions. A perfume that is coloured of time, of shadow and light. The spiral of the leather backgrounds create a moiré effect, iridescent and similar to silk brocades. The opening notes give the fragrance all the generous opulence of the rosewood and the lightness of the Florentine Orris enriched by gentle tangerines and Capua’s bergamot.


The Bottle & Packaging


The creative studio Sonia Pedrazzini Design Atelier has designed a precious bottle-sculpture, faceted like a jewel. The glass – almost a crystal prism with pure net, asymmetric lines, which catch light and then spread it through refractions always new and surprising. It is produced by the historical French glass manufacturer Pochet et du Courval. The result is a double-faced gem: complex and sharp on the front, round and plain like a smooth stone on the back.


The dynamic and elegant artworks of Tamara de Lempicka, prototype of the modern woman, cultured and emancipated, just like the brand creator, inspire the shape of the bottle. An iconic and rigorous bottle, but also charming and seductive, that blends retro allusions and postmodern deconstructionism. Classic and contemporary at the same time and in the same hand, this combination best represents the style of Francesca Dell’Oro today.


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