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Mastering The 24 Rules of Seduction!!

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How To Master The 24 Rules of Seduction?!

You have managed to choose your next prey; an interesting woman who is good looking, well educated, intellectual, and sophisticated. She seems too confident to fall for your standard seductive techniques. She never really reacts or even acknowledges your attempts. So, you get closer; befriend her, figure out more about her insecurities and the things that make her just a little bit less confident. You provide this false sense of security to overcompensate her insecurities, making her a little bit more dependent on you each day. When she starts counting on you, you show up; but you also give a couple of mixed signals to keep her wondering if you’re that interested or you’re just being your chivalrous self. And you keep telling her stories about your exes and all those girls who seem to desperately want a role to play in your oh-so-glamorous life.

You get to know her better. You spend more time together enjoying things she likes to do (as dull as they normally might be to you). You start unraveling her deeply buried need for attention and companionship, and then you link it both directly and indirectly to you. You plant a seed of temptation that you slowly but steadily water with your perfectly chosen words and tiny little gestures. And you patiently wait for it to grow and get ripened enough so that you can sow it just at the right time. When you have successfully disarmed her of all her defense mechanism she has taken years and years to develop in order to protect herself against hunters such as yourself.

And when she’s right there at her most vulnerable emotional state, you decide whether you are going to take advantage of the situation. You either use her for as long as she can take it, simply walk away leaving her feeling like an idiot for having ever believed a man could be this sincere, or actually get as emotionally invested as she is!

Congratulations, you have managed to put to practice most of the 24 tactics Robert Greene has listed in his Art of Seduction masterpiece which made him this millennium’s malicious version of Will Smith’s Hitch. Let’s go through his 24 Rules of Seduction together:

1- Choose The Right Victim (a blatant invitation to a hunt for a VICTIM!!)

The one who has a void that resonates with your ability to charm; whom you falsely convince that your presence fills that void when it actually manipulates and controls it

2- Create A False Sense Of Security – Approach Indirectly

You don’t approach her directly; instead, you’re subtle in order to throw off her seducer-radar. Work your way through a neutral relationship and slowly move from friend to lover.

3- Send Mixed Signals

Once you get her attention, you start using ambiguity to confuse her even further and get her rather curious to know what you’re in for.

4- Appear To Be An Object Of Desire – Create Triangles

Of course you want to come off desirable and wanted by others; who would want a social outcast?!

5- Create A Need – Stir Anxiety And Discontent

You draw her attention to how dull and boring her seemingly satisfying life is and make her mind wander to a world of adventure to where of course you’d lead her.

6- Master The Art Of Insinuation

You wouldn’t be too obvious to bluntly suggest things all the time; sometimes you’d just plant the idea or the thought and let it simmer in her subconscious until days later she spells it out as if it was originally hers – diabolic.

7- Enter Their Spirit

You’re not always the one coming up with new things to do; instead, you play by her rules for a while and give her the false impression that you’re enjoying while you’re studying her in her own comfort zone.

8- Create Temptation

You figure out what she mostly desires and give her the impression that she can have it through you. Does she want a faithful spouse? An open-minded guy? Whatever it is, you’re probably it, aren’t you?!

9- Create Suspense – What Comes Next?

You never let her have fixed expectations of you; when she expects little, you surprise her.

10- Use The Demonic Power Of Words To Sow Confusion

She is more likely to listen to your words when they appeal to her and comfort her insecurities which you already know by now, and yet keep your language vague.

11- Pay Attention To Detail

Because then she’d think you actually listen, which of course you do, but not because you care, but because you’re looking for her points of weakness.

12- Poeticize Your Presence

By linking your presence to pleasant thoughts so that you’re naturally missed when she wants to feel good.

13- Disarm Through Strategic Weakness And Vulnerability

Because when you’re a bit messy and clumsy and weak, you’re simply “in touch with your feminine side”

14- Confuse Desire And Reality – The Perfect Illusion

Give her what she wants in the form of an illusion. You join her in her Alice in Wonderland journey and try to match what you provide her to what she wants, or at least you make her believe it’s what you do.

15- Isolate The Victim

You take control of her time and give her so little to spend with her friends and those who may actually be immune to your tactics and may guide her to blowing your cover!

16- Prove Yourself

The more she seems doubtful of your motives and your intentions, the further you go proving yourself to be even more trustworthy…

17- Effect A Regression

By reviving her childhood memories and doing together things she had told you she enjoyed as a child… one of the cheapest stunts the book mentions!

18- Stir Up The Transgressive And Taboo

Which is easy in a society like this one where leading her outside social norms is actually sexy and interesting, and of course serves in the whole purpose of being “open minded”..

19- Use Spiritual Lures

What could possibly be more attractive than a guy who has an eye for the divine qualities… how many times have you repeated phrases that preach beauty being in the eye of the beholder and the beauty inside, sadly girls still buy that BS!

20- Mix Pleasure With Pain

You can’t be too nice all the time; eventually there comes a time when inducing pain makes her do whatever it takes to get your nice face back on…

21- Give Them The Space To Fall – The Pursuer Is Pursued

You become a bit aloof and let her do the chasing; you don’t let her be the princess all the way and expect you to wait hand and foot for her all the time. You’ve already gotten her used to it, so you toy with that need by making her pursue it… the part most men seem to enjoy the most.

22- Use Physical Lures

Men have become smarter by NOT imposing the physical; however, they can create a sexually charged atmosphere by deep glances and smiles that seem to mean more…

23- Master The Art Of The Bold Move

And then when the moment comes and she is right there, fallen for you, you throw away kindness, chivalry and good manners, and let your disgusting self show itself. Well, you have earned it.

24- Beware Of The Altereffects

Now, don’t be too happy with your victory, she may cling and claw and trust me, you will not get out of there safely, granted!

Well, I have good news and bad news for you. The good news is those tactics usually work with a success rate of 80 percent. The bad news however is that there is a book that lists those tactics and it’s out there. The word is getting out friend and women are starting to read it, so they are more prepared for your no-longer-mysterious rules of seduction. Oh, did you really think I was explaining all those 24 rules for you, women do read this part too, SURPRISE!

Did we ruin it for you, the sense of victory, or the thrill of the chase??? Well boohoo!! I never got why men would jump through hoops to get the attention of women who originally wouldn’t have bothered looking twice at them! How big are their egos and how little are their self-esteems to get that invested in a challenge to win a woman they have no intention of cherishing? Are you seductive men really and genuinely that insensitive??? Or have you been badly burnt and have taken some secret oath to avenge your manhood by chasing and humiliating every woman who seems to provide enough of a challenge?

Well, here is the thing the book probably never mentions… women might be the softer sex, but if they’re good at anything, it’s holding a grudge. William Congreve has put is best when he wrote his most famous line ever, one that is more famous than him: “Heaven has no rage like love to hatred turned, Nor hell a fury like a woman scorned,”

So if you plan on using Greene’s 24 Rules of Seduction, by all means go ahead and enjoy them while they last. Just don’t go on saying you haven’t been warned when a scorned woman gets back at you in 24 different ways! And if you read the book, you’d know that seduction is a game that can be played by both sexes, so take a minute to think it over and tell me: can you keep up with a woman’s seductive skills?

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